Count Dankula Suggests Incels Should Kill Themselves

Count Dankula, who has previously advocated murdering paedophiles, is now proposing that incels should kill themselves:

It’s interesting that the same people who want paedophiles dead also want incels dead, isn’t it?

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6 Responses to Count Dankula Suggests Incels Should Kill Themselves

  1. Society should at least provide the option.

  2. Yure says:

    It’s important to remember that he was almost arrested after teaching his pug a Nazi salute. He might be betting on shock value to recover the damage that it could have left on his image. That’s why his debate with Amos Yee was a monologue; assuring the audience that you, at least, is an antipedophile could help your image to recover if it had suffered damage. Everyone is fragile in a way and everyone has their means to attain approval. He is doing what he can to keep his audience and it seems like hatemongering helps his cause. I wish he was stronger than that, tho, so that he wouldn’t need to use discourses of hate just to be liked. There are other ways to receive attention. Maybe, one day, he finds something better…

  3. Why not? most incels will benefit from killing thenselves, they are likely to reincarnate as someone more attractive

    The MtF tranny option is also interesting, the biggest issue is that a tranny will never get pragnant. If you die and reincarnate as a female you will be able to get pragnant and it will be easier for you to attract high quality males.

  4. From Samurai to Mangina says:

    16-year-old Japanese girls will no longer be allowed to marry:

    Currently, women in Japan are allowed to marry at 16, two years earlier than men. Under the new ordinances, tough, it will be raised to 18, making the marriage age the same for both sexes.

    Another change: individuals seeking gender reassignment surgery will be able to have such procedures done at 18, with no need for parental consent. (WTF!!)

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