Russian Politician Wants To Criminalise Feminism

Well done Mother Russia, a Russian politician wants to criminalise feminism.

Let’s hope he succeeds.

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7 Responses to Russian Politician Wants To Criminalise Feminism

  1. galileo1439 says:

    Makes me want to fly a Bear!

    • galileo1439 says:

      I hope he succeeds too. And many more like him inshaallah. And i hope lots of new Nathan Larsons run for office USA side. I have sometimes contemplated running for office.

      • holocaust21 says:

        Me too, though to run for office you at least need enough money to 1) do all the campaigning you need and 2) handle your living costs given that you will be fired from your job. I suppose there are ways to treat your politics as a career, like getting crowdfunding for you to run for office or making friends with really rich people who also secretly hate feminism. But they are either tricky or risky and what with patreon, visa, mastercard and paypal criminally colluding to prevent political activists from gaining access to funding that doesn’t help. Not to mention twitter, facebook, google etc censoring political activists and preventing them from getting their message out there…

  2. Yure says:

    That protest was bound to go wrong. Even the commenters at Buzzfeed, if you look at the comments section, thought it was inapproriate. See what her protest has gotten her into. What did she want? What kind of person protests like that? Motivated by what? It was insane. In fact, most feminist protests are insane.

  3. galileo1439 says:

    Warning! High risk of complacency among us! Kavanaugh won the supreme court seat. This is NOT the time to relax or think we’ve defeated feminism! This is the time to kick feninism even harder while they’re down!

    • holocaust21 says:

      Yes, that’s certainly some good news. Apparently this also means the Supreme Court is now majority conservative which hasn’t happened in decades. What this will ultimately result in, who knows? One hopes at least Kavanaugh has been accused so he’ll be more pro-sex offender in future. Indeed, one hopes that if any cases concerning sex offender laws are brought to the Supreme Court then he will rule against the laws. But who knows, on the other hand he could just be the usual narcissistic cuck i.e. his view might be that if he’s accused then it’s wrong and a false allegation, but if some other guy is accused then it’s right, and it’s true and women are to be believed etc etc.

      I guess we’ll see what this turns into. Looks like a positive move, though.

  4. galileo1439 says:

    Keep in mind the right and left wing are essentially the same when it comes to sex crime. Kavanaugh is likely to uphold tough on crime attitudes. Conservative in the modern west is the overprotective dad of the teen girl archetype.

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