What Is The Pro-Rape Position?

Wrote this brief polemic in the comments on Tom O’Carroll’s blog but he declined to publish it (Update: actually he did eventually publish it). So, I thought it worth putting here instead:

The pro-rape position is a state of mind that absolutely rejects the narrative. Being pro-rape is a sign of strength, someone who doesn’t fear being reviled and hated by feminists, their allies or the whole of society. The pro-rapist cannot be accused of being manipulative because he does not seek to put a positive spin on his views! The pro-rapist gives rationality its speech because the pro-rapist has the most politically incorrect speech, making himself a target and others less so. The pro-rapist, thus, gives the whole spectrum of dissenting opinion a chance to shine. A new enlightenment, if you will. A chance for anyone, to say anything, that they truly believe, because they know that what they say cannot be considered worse than what the pro-rapist has said!

Is the pro-rape position trolling then? Yes and no. Yes, because the pro-rapist seeks for people to hate him for hates sake. No, because there is truth to what the pro-rapist says. He truly believes that when he has sex with a 15 year old girl without her consent (because she lacks the capacity to consent blah blah blah) then that is fine! And if he grabs a womans tits and honks them, without her consent, then that is also fine, because it is a childish prank, an act of Just Williamesque annoyance, not a heinous crime. But he realises that the feminist is either incapable or unwilling to distinguish between different actions and the feminist simply labels everything that annoys her as rape. And so, the pro-rapist, proudly wears that label. He is male. He has a penis. And worst of all, he has sexual feelings. Clearly, he is a rapist!

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11 Responses to What Is The Pro-Rape Position?

  1. Great, except I wouldn’t call the views you are describing here a pro-rape position. It would be more like an anti-bad-laws position, which is what male sexualists routinely advocate. Calling it “pro-rape” gives the misleading impression that the laws are sensible when they decree gibberish like “15-year-olds can’t consent.”

    • holocaust21 says:

      The thing is being “pro-rape” avoids getting into these silly tautological arguments where they claim “15-year-olds can’t consent because they can’t consent”. So in a sense it’s time saving, and you know your opponents are going to get triggered anyway so you might as well get them properly triggered. Besides, once you get people to start thinking from the idea of “legalise rape” being an OK position to take then you do start to wonder about the entire concept of “rape” as even conceivably being an “evil” thing. If a kid is starving and has to steal to eat then the lefties will tell us that is now fine. Heck, if he had to kill to eat then they will concede “it could not be avoided” but if a man is sex starved then oh noes rape is still evil! He should not rape! And no one is even slightly interested in changing society so he isn’t sex starved and thus less likely to rape. Whereas if some people are not even actually starving but say, having to eat Baked Beans instead of Waitrose branded Risotto (Waitrose is an upmarket British supermarket) then the lefties will be up in arms!

    • Yure says:

      I noticed that too. From where I come from, rape is forced penetration. None of that is rape, even though we are pushed to broaden our definition of rape. Touching tits or having mutually voluntary sex with a 15-year-old isn’t rape here, for most people (specially because our age of consent is 14, though there’s jurisprudence of people being acquitted for sex with 12-year-olds and there was a proposal to lower our age of consent to 12, but it was defeated by the prostestant lobby and international name calling by the United Nations).

  2. VA says:

    It’s over with you, man.

    Stop talking about bang a 15-year-old willing girl and ass touching.

    You support real rape, for you, evil man, which is what you are, it’s just “a private matter” or “just take money from the public ark, something that doesn’t matter or investigate. Your friend Tom Grauer supports the systematic rape of 7-year-old girls who are not forced into marriage. Your friend Nathan Larson says that children are private property and that they can be brutally raped, he said in a live video, apart from the fact that he admires Josef Fritzl and his greatest desire is to rape his own daughter, put her in a bunker and rape and impregnate her.

    For people like you people believe that pedophiles are subhumans who enjoy raping and destroying children, how are they going to think otherwise with “pedophilia advocates” like you?

    If pedophiles were worthwhile people, they would join together to throw away your blogs and send all of you the toilet of internet history (and pull the chain, because it smells).

    Get out of here the degenerates who support, cover up, minimize or deny rape, child abuse and slavery!

    You are all cretins and you will always be cretins. You will deceive others but not me.

  3. galileo1439 says:

    The part of pro rape i want to emphasize is that if rape is legal, allegations do not exist. The best way to eliminate false allegations is to remove the whole concept of an allegation. In a rape legalized society it would make no difference if an allegation that I raped a girl was true or false, because if said allegation occurs, what I allegedly did was not a crime or any wrong in the perception of this (today hypothetical, sooner than later let’s make it exist) society.

  4. Robert A. Lindsay says:

    Hi fellow Male Sexualist. My blog was just shut down by WordPress, possibly for Male Sexualist content. Can you show me a site that has no freedom of speech or could you possibly blog about my case? Thank you!

  5. Salo says:

    One might argue that rape and other acts in today’s political climate would be an act of self defense.

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