WordPress Begins Purging Politically Incorrect Content

A fellow Male Sexualist blogger, Robert Lindsay, who has been blogging for many years recently had his blog shut down. If you go to his site here it has been removed.

The only reason Robert Lindsay’s blog has been removed, and mine hasn’t, is because his blog is more popular. Eventually this blog will also be removed by WordPress.

Unfortunately even Open Source initiatives have now been taken over by Feminism. As I detailed in a previous blog post we probably need to move to a more decentralised internet. I discussed several options there.

A couple of additional options that might be hard or impossible for non-government agents to censor now would be:

1. Hosting an onion website over Tor. This could be either done on a web host or from home. No one will be able to figure out where the website is hosted and so your web host will never be told that they are hosting politically incorrect content. As such they won’t take down your site. The downside is you will get limited reach as users need to download the Tor browser to access onion sites.

2. Nathan Larson was looking into using prq.se which is an ISP that guarantees free speech. It seems like they might still be an option, but he might know more…

Probably for someone who wants to get immediate visibility again now then either using PRQ.SE (or possibly another free speech focused host), SteemIt or D.Tube (see my decentralised internet post) are your only options. I fear SteemIt or D.Tube may start applying filters on their main sites, but it’s also possible they won’t. Who knows?

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17 Responses to WordPress Begins Purging Politically Incorrect Content

  1. nathanlarson3141 says:

    PRQ.se is not known for acting on their sales tickets very quickly, so if you want to migrate there, it’s probably best to get the ball rolling now.

  2. Robert A. Lindsay says:

    Thank you so much my friend. I just confirmed that radical feminists or radfems at a certain website got it taken down. They are over there celebrating it right now. The woman who got it taken down hates men so much she is almost psychotic. Actually that applies to almost all of them over there. A lot of these feminists hate us as much as Hitler hated Jews. I don’t think we can emphasize enough how dangerous their anti-male hate movement is for ALL men.

    I have been posting some inflammatory and even incendiary stuff against feminism lately, and I guess that’s why it got taken down. So WordPress is just a bunch of male feminist cucks like the rest of Silicon Valley.

    I have a site on Blogger that I will start up.

    Thank you for your support my brothers.

    • Fascist Britain says:

      In Blogger you will be banned even before: first you are forbidden any kind of discrimination and hate speech, and secondly it is also forbidden any kind of sexualization of minors under 18. If you don’t believe me look at the conditions of service in Blogger.

      • holocaust21 says:

        What you say is true.The thing is Blogger are owned by Google and Google is no friend of free speech. Just look at what they did to their own employee – James Damore! Let alone the massive censorship purge. One woman was even forced to start gunning youtube employees down because her speech had been too censored.

        I guess Robert can move to Blogger if he likes. But prepare to be banned again. If you don’t want to be banned you’ll need some free speech ISP or create a darknet site.

  3. Fascist Britain says:

    New madness of these criminals against humanity (comments by Eivind Berge)


    “British police sends antisex hate-propaganda to law-abiding citizens. Also I think they are lying about the grooming age which was 16 rather than 18 last I checked (the law which criminalizes merely talking about sex).”

    “It’d be funny if the grooming age were really 18 while the AoC is 16. That would mean you can have sex with 16-17yr-olds but not communicate with them about it, which effectively would be an underhanded way to raise the AoC to 18. Child porn law is a less extreme version of this.”

    “In order to be politically correct about sex crimes you have to accept such a staggering amount of self-hatred and inhumanity and delusions and contradictions that OMG I thank God I am not like them!”

  4. Robert A. Lindsay says:

    Hi, WordPress contacted me and told me that some of my anti-feminist posts went over the line as far as they were concerned. And it was a psychotically manhating feminist dyke from a radfem website who reported me in the first place.

    • galileo1439 says:

      Who was the site in question? Was it babe.net again?

      • holocaust21 says:

        Would be good to know. Could we report them?

        Of course, I bet even if a feminist website was screaming “kill all men!” explicitly then their ISP still wouldn’t take down their site. Fucking hypocrites. In fact, this exact thing happened in the UK when some bitch tweeted #KillAllWhiteMen. Eventually as a result of MRA pressure the police arrested her, but then let her go, WTF!?

      • Robert A. Lindsay says:

        No, it’s these diabolical cunts. I call it Feminist Cunt. It’s the #1 feminist site in Canada and they claim that in the US, it is not far behind. I doubt if you could report them. They are self-hosted and they don’t usually post anything that would constitute violent threats towards men, though they have some very evil designs on us. I don’t think reporting them would do anything.

        They want to put us in internment camps or in actual cages like animals, make curfews so we cannot go outside after 8 PM, imprison all rapists for life or give them the death penalty, reduce us to 10% of the population, separate cities into separate zones for men and women which would be segregated after dark. Mostly they just want to completely separate from us.

        Don’t bluepillers realize how much these cunts hate us? I mean they hate us as much as Nazis hated Jews. That’s ok?


        I don’t mind Babe.net too much. 3rd wavers hate men far less than 2nd wave radical feminists and a lot of them are very horny and are dying to fuck us.

        Also does anyone know what % of feminists are 2nd wavers vs. 3rd wavers? I am thinking 2nd wavers are 35-40% and 3rd wavers are 60-65%. I made a couple of posts to Reddit r/feminism but they won’t respond. A real problem is that the 3rd wavers will never say one word against the 2nd wave psychos and treat them like they don’t exist.

        Thank you very much my brothers!

      • holocaust21 says:

        No one is self-hosted. It is not possible to be self-hosted.

        I did a DNS lookup and looks like feministcurrent.com are hosted on Dreamhost… Hey wasn’t Nathan Larson hosted on Dreamhost and they took his site down? Sounds like there is a precedent…!

  5. Salo says:

    You can try hosting in Iceland or do a search for “free speech hosting”.

  6. Nada says:

    Assuming you value anti-feminism, as opposed to anti-pedophilia, why bother with an internal battle between femi-nazis?

  7. Hunter says:

    This is fucking funny. I hope your identity gets exposed and you get hunted down!

    • holocaust21 says:

      You do realise that will just make me more dangerous, rather than less, don’t you?

      • Hunter. says:

        No it won’t because you are a coward who hides in the shadows. I hope you keep your blog and it makes it way to people who can kill you. You are only dangerous to vulnerable populations (little girls). It won’t take much to kill a weak man like you.

      • holocaust21 says:

        You sound like a very angry person. I get the feeling you aren’t happy about something in your life. And I don’t think it’s specifically to do with me, I’m merely a target for your anger 🙂

      • Hunter. says:

        Since I cannot reply to your other message why don’t you show your face coward? Maybe because most men don’t want to rape little girls like you. I hope you get end up dead. This world does not need child rapists like yourself.

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