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Feminazi Judge Adds 6 Months to Boy’s Sentence for Fleeing in Terror

A 20 year old boy who had just been convicted under a feminist rape law fled the court in terror upon receiving the unexpected verdict. After police thugs abducted him and returned him to the court the feminist judge, James … Continue reading

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Citizens Prosecution of Alison Saunders

Very brave David Pattinson has announced a private prosecution of Alison Saunders, the corrupt former head of the Crown Prosecution Service. He is a successful businessman who’s life has been affected by her reign of terror. Watch the video of … Continue reading

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MRA Recording Attempted Entrapment

Eivind Berge a leading Male Sexualist and Men’s Rights Activist recently experienced attempted entrapment by a jealous old hag who pretended to be 18, then pretended to be 15, then pretended to be 16 and then pretended to be 15 … Continue reading

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