MRA Recording Attempted Entrapment

Eivind Berge a leading Male Sexualist and Men’s Rights Activist recently experienced attempted entrapment by a jealous old hag who pretended to be 18, then pretended to be 15, then pretended to be 16 and then pretended to be 15 again all in an attempt to get normal men jailed for their sexuality. In a world first move, Eivind has recorded the conversation and uploaded it on youtube essentially turning the encounter into a “reverse sting” operation.

Unfortunately, for my non-Norwegian readers, the video is in Norwegian.

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15 Responses to MRA Recording Attempted Entrapment

  1. Yure says:

    Speaking of stings, I saw two news articles about pedophiles getting revenge on pedophile hunters. What do you think of that?

  2. Pedophile Army Now! says:

    You have to make a pedophile army and start attacking antipedophiles. We don’t have to kill them: we give them a good warning beating or we recording them crying and asking for forgiveness for their crimes. From doing this several times, there will be no more pedophiles hunters.

  3. Denis says:

    These groups are cowards! They pursue peaceful men for wanting to get involved with young women. And they still trivialize pedophilia. Pedophilia is before puberty, usually before 9 years of age.

    In my country, there is only crime if the person is under 12 years old and is a real person. A person pretending to be under 12 years old does not incriminate anyone.

    In the sexual issue the US / England are quite behind. They need to evolve.

    • holocaust21 says:

      Unfortunately I think the US/UK are actually ahead, not behind. The progressivist ideology is all about more and more criminalisation of male sexuality and raising the age of consent more and more, that’s what they view as “progress” or “moving forward”. For them, abolishing the age of consent is a regression. But if it is a regression then so be it, in that case, I am a regressivist!

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