Amos Yee Is Making America Great Again

Amos Yee is back in action and trying to make America Great Again, something that Trump has so far failed to do. He’s now doubling down on his pro-paedophilia activism and abandoning his anti-singapore politics.

Damn, I just love that guy!

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22 Responses to Amos Yee Is Making America Great Again

  1. Yure says:

    With all due respect, America was never great. Maybe it becomes great now. I’m glad Amos is managing to pull so much off. He is younger than I am and he is the single person advacing that idea forward. He is doing more than any other.

    • holocaust21 says:

      Well America is the richest country in the world, and it used to have a better culture. Like you could ask a 7 year old out on a date and marry her and then fuck her and get her pregnant. And everyone would be like, “oooh that’s sweet, just as God commanded”. Not anymore!

      Yeah, old school America was better. Now it’s a bunch of overweight SJW trannies who have transitioned so many times you have no idea what gender they were or are now. And they all have this collectivist group think where they go “Muuuh RAAAAAAAAAAAPE… Kill All White Men! Kill All White Men!” etc etc.

      • From the perspective of someone outside America and close to America, I can tell America was great, but that ended as soon as the Temperance Movement gained traction. America was so great it was used as role model for most countries for centuries. It was a materially rich place and a place where different perspectives met. But now it is a swarm of feminist ideology and Earth’s loonie bin. Especially since most media comes from California and has a negative influence globally.

  2. nathanlarson3141 says:

    Did his Futaba Discord account recently get banned? Because it went inactive around the same time I got banned from there. I figured maybe his server got nuked.

    • holocaust21 says:

      Yeah he says on his facebook page that Discord found out he was hosting his pedophile server and so they banned it and also banned all accounts of all users who used the server (!).

      But, Amos has now created a new pedophile discord server that he is keeping private so hopefully discord won’t know which one it is so they can’t ban it lol…

  3. holocaust21 says:

    Well, Amos Yee’s twitter account is suspended again. He was making all kinds of pro-paedo tweets and hordes of feminazis were reporting him to the FBI.

  4. Kindly says:

    If Amos Yee came back, it was only for a matter of hours. The page is not found.

    • holocaust21 says:

      Because he started aggressively promoting paedophilia on his Twitter & Facebook both accounts have now been deleted. I think the last account he has left is his blog:

      He’s also had some private discord servers that keep getting shutdown once the far right/far left find out about them. He’s apparently had 50+ people involved in discussing paedophilia on them.

      I hope he re-emerges.

      • galileo1439 says:

        Looks like his wordpress was terminated.

      • holocaust21 says:

        Dude, this is absolutely horrendous. It’s like if you speak the truth, and you are good enough to get attention for speaking the truth, then you get deleted off the internet. Soon they will start deleting people for real!

        Now, I forgot where we got to with the whole discussion on finding an alternative platform… What do we do? Also does anyone know where Robert Lindsay got to? I remember him saying he was gonna start up a blog on blogger (which I suspect will be as bad as wordpress) but I don’t think he has re-emerged with a new platform?

      • galileo1439 says:

        As of today his Instagram is still up.

  5. galileo1439 says:

    Everyone should continue their activism. Welcome to war. The enemy will keep attempting to shut us down. Every one of us must be creative and adaptive. And have a positive attitude is the most important part. The mainstream media once again gave Amos a bunch of publicity including showing on MSM the Pedo Pride logo Amos was using on his social media feeds. Just like last time the enemy has only helped us spread by re-publishing a large part of Amos’s material.

    This is the time to keep up our front without skipping a beat. And it’s time to never get complacent.

    • Indeed! You see. Depending on the country it is easier or harder. Countries where feminism is weaker or where free speech is stronger have an advantage point, so the people there must fight harder. Countries such as Australia and Great Britain might be the ones we must put on hold and wait for the ress to react. One thing is for sure. For our goals to succeed we must deal with the UN. They are feminism’s silent enforcer.

  6. H63576 says:

    I’m not a pedophile and I don’t defend sex with real children, but I want to annihilate these human garbage that call themselves “anti-pedophiles”, why?

    If they hate pedophilia so much why they don’t defeat it with arguments and stop crying so much about forcibly silencing pedophiles! they are despicable cowards incapable of debating and winning arguments, they are only based on hysteria, censorship and threats, they are scum, that’s what they are. They only know how to hit the report button? I am sure that if they had their fingers cut off they would use their nose to denounce and threaten and shout fallacies.

    For this reason and a thousand reasons I am opposed to “educational” activism, these human garbage have NO power to decide what is right or wrong, they are NOTHING or worth anything, and not in my feelings and ideas but in the system are literally worth nothing, are just ignorant masses of slave-workers, are worker ants, why we must convince slaves of the system? it would be wrong to give them importance that they do not have (and therefore can not change anything even if they move to our side) and NOR DESERVE, they do not deserve to have the power to allow or prohibit anything. Only the elite deserve to enact laws and regulations, not the mob.

    If raping newborn children were accepted and socially promoted as the thousand aberrations that are allowed and promoted while at the same time shouting against fucking 17 year old women they would defend it with passion and applaud every time someone penetrated a baby’s anus. That’s why they don’t have any morals or ideas of their own, see how unworthy they are?

    For the rest. Human waste confusing pedophilia with sex and marriage with teenagers, the usual.

    How can one be so stupid as not to differentiate between a 15-year-old woman with hair in her vagina and a 5-year-old girl? that’s schizophrenia, that millions of idiots have it doesn’t make it any less schizophrenia. It’s a plague of demented people.

    This trash really deserves respect? no! they are insane just like an unbalanced person stabbing people down the street, they can’t be convinced, just destroyed to save innocent people. But they are mentally ill who are aware of their acts, so they must be punished for their crimes.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. I am not nearly interested in prepubescent humans. But if one even dare says “It is normal for men to like teenagers” things go insane.They start speaking of how the UN says anyone under 18 is a child unable to consent, or about morality. They never speak of risks or damage, and grow angry when one states the risks and damage a teenager would face having sex with an “adult” are the same as with another teenager or between two “adults”.
      I of course use “adult” in quotations because the only ones who are not biologically adult are prepubescents.

  7. Sic semper tyrannis says:

    You should make a new post to denounce this hateful hag, this is one of the most outrageous things I have seen of a supposed “human rights advocate”, it is a shame against human rights, this is even legally denounceable.

    Put her name and Amos Yee’s name in the title so that people can find your blog now that they appear everywhere.

    Oh, and make it clear that defending pedophilia is freedom of expression and defending the deportation and silencing of people for their opinions is totalitarian fascism and anyone who doesn’t like this statement can go to North Korea.

    • Sic semper tyrannis says:

      As you can see at the end she says that Amos Yee should go to jail for avoiding military service, you see how they don’t really believe in human rights? if she defended human rights even if it she was against pedophilia she wouldn’t defend that Amos Yee should go to jail for a ridiculous crime unrelated to pedophilia. So she (they) support the physical elimination of “pedophiles” (whatever they label as “pedophilia”) and that is NAZISM with all the words. I’m sure this bitch is too a NGO-subsidized hard-line feminist that crying everyday about supposed “women’s rights”, you can bet 99% that she is.

  8. I follow Yee because he dares to open debates where no one does, but his bombastic manners actually lead him to get literally banned from any place he makes an account at. At this moment I can no longer find any of the links found here active. I just hope his words will reach more people and in turn bring them to seek the truth for themselves out of curiosity.


    Here is the proof that Protonmail is garbage THAT SHOULD NOT BE USED BY ANY OF US!! a son of a bitch and other idiots denouncing Amos Yee and those of PROTONMAIL HAS OBEYED THEM.

  10. Debauch says:

    Hushmail is better, I had no problems (so far)!

    Here is a good website, Not sure if you were aware of it

    ‘XAHLEE’ Feminism perving blog.

  11. xxlllll says:

    Feminism promotes sex with minors
    Simone de Beauvoir wanted it to be legalized with 10-year-old girls, as a good lesbian pedophile she was.
    In education they want to corrupt children from primary school or before.

    Fuck you fucking feminazis

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