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MGTOW Takes The Pedo Pill

Browsing the MGTOW reddit I found this. That’s pretty cool as it feels like a fairly strong pedo pill. What do you guys think? Do you think the pedo pill is spreading? True story bro. from MGTOW  

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I helped Google screw over James Damore

Interesting post on reddit where some anonymous individual releases information on how Google conspired to screw over James Damore, including actions that are unethical and may even be illegal. James Damore has said it may be authentic because the poster … Continue reading

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Gillette Comedy

You’ve probably heard of the Gillette ad and the associated MRA lashback by now. So, here’s the best comical parody of their sexist, man-hating, social justice advert:

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Is Philip Davies really an anti-feminist?

It’s rather disturbing that he supported the government’s upskirting bill, which was initially proposed by some miserable feminist hag and is now about to become law: He’s also harped on before about grooming gangs and such. That makes him more … Continue reading

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Sex Offenders now Banned from Running Charities

In a little known change to the law in the UK, Sex Offenders are now banned from running a charity. Absolute fucking disgrace.  

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