Is Philip Davies really an anti-feminist?

It’s rather disturbing that he supported the government’s upskirting bill, which was initially proposed by some miserable feminist hag and is now about to become law:

He’s also harped on before about grooming gangs and such. That makes him more of a typical right winger than a true anti-feminist or libertarian.


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5 Responses to Is Philip Davies really an anti-feminist?

  1. Yure says:

    You can’t expect much from the older politicians. You need fresh people in the Congress and it other positions of power.

    • holocaust21 says:

      Are you really sure young people with their 67 different genders and “generation snowflake” mentality will be any better? Not to mention, that they were all born since pedohysteria has been in full swing, so they would be completely unaware of a society in which fucking a 14 year old was considered kind of normal.

      • Yure says:

        Well, there are some people, younger than I am, who don’t buy into the hysteria, perhaps because they didn’t see it rising to the state it is. Plus, young people, specially where I live, tend to see feminism with indifference or even with hatred, both lads and girls. Things must be different in the United Kingdom, tho.

      • holocaust21 says:

        Feminism has been entrenched more deeply for longer in the United Kingdom. So people accept it more as “fact” rather than “dogma”. The indifference and hatred that you mention can still be there though, but I expect people are more prone to be confused as to what exactly is “feminism” that they dislike. This is illustrated, for example, by right wing anti-feminists arguing that left wing feminists are all paedophiles. Paedophilia was obviously invented by feminists, so it’s kind of a stupid position to take, but most of them were never brought up in a time when it was kind of normal.

  2. Debauch says:

    They mentioned the “Upskirt” legislation on Victoria Derbyshire, So I sent in a TXT asking will people who view an “upstart” image or video also be put on the register.
    I you follow their thinking logically, It’s only a matter of time.

    (they didn’t read the TXT, But that was to be expected).

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