MGTOW Takes The Pedo Pill

Browsing the MGTOW reddit I found this. That’s pretty cool as it feels like a fairly strong pedo pill. What do you guys think? Do you think the pedo pill is spreading?


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5 Responses to MGTOW Takes The Pedo Pill

  1. Yure says:

    Actually, it also depends on who shows it. It’s assumed that women are never pedophiles, so… wether she shows a boy or girl, she gets a pass. Steve Diamond shared a news article on his blog about a woman who received a softer sentence for molestation because “women don’t have sexual deviances”, so “pedophilia does not apply.” I think the pedo pill is spreading, tho, since the topic was at least poked and discussed.

  2. Well. if they are not opening their eyes, it is an opportunity to help them.

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  4. Tom Grauer says:

    That’s not really an example of the pedo-pill, unfortunately; it just reflects a keen awareness on the part of MGTOWs that society is riddled with anti-male double standards. It would have been a pedo-pill had they pointed out that being sexually attracted to nubile females is part and parcel of normal male sexuality, and that by defining attraction to teenagers as abnormal, the (Puritan-)Feminist system has embraced an implicitly — and, nowadays, even explicitly — misandric perception of normalcy. That’s what I wrote about in the drunken post about the misandric re-definition of sexual normalcy.

    People may not notice why the current system is anti-male, but that’s because they don’t realize that male and female sexualities are different, and that by defining things in a way that is comfortable for women and detrimental to men, society has taken on a misandric line, whether or not the people in charge realize it.

    Moreover, we are constantly brainwahsed to believe that male sexuality and female sexuality are similar and absolutely identical, *and that female sexuality is the real standard of sexuality*, since the Feminists take female sexuality as the universal human norm and then simply extend and apply their gynocentric perception of normalcy to men, as if men *should* sexually behave like women do; they then “logically conclude” that something is wrong with men, that men for some reason are aberrant, since men consistently refuse to behave like women. That is why we must emphasize that male and female sexualities are radically dissimilar, *and that our own sexuality is not any less legitimate than the female one*.

    Since modern-day sexual normalcy is defined according to female nature, extended and applied to men, then of course men are aberrant – men don’t act “properly,” i.e. according to the ideal of *female* behavior. If, on the other hand, and in reality, male sexuality is different than female sexuality, and is just as legitimate as female sexuality (if not more-so), then there is nothing aberrant with men, and nothing aberrant with the male sexual desire for teenagers, nothing wrong with the universal male sexual attraction to females that exhibit secondary sexual characteristics, and the entire gynocentric framework goes flying out of the window. To embrace the pedo pill means:

    1) Accepting that society has defined universal sexual normalcy according to female standards;
    2) That male standards of sexual normalcy, our unique and distinct uni-sexual standards, are *not any less legitimate than female standards*, perhaps even more legitimate;
    3) That inherent to male sexuality is attraction to fertile females who coincidentally happen to be both physically capable of getting pregnant, and — *given the right social environment* — are psychologically capable of adapting to the role of motherhood (that happens around age 12 or so).

    When these realizations are realized by the MGTOW community, then it should be considered that they have taken the pedo-pill in earnest. Needless to say, to realize that all men love young girls, it helps to view CP, but that’s illegalize, which makes CP a kind of thought-crime, as we can’t use it to make men realize that they are attracted to young females; it’s like a court that rejects a certain type of evidence for X as invalid, and then uses its own rejection of the evidence as proof that no evidence has been given that X is indeed the case. CP has been made a thought-crime by the people who try to preserve the very system that has illegalized it, i.e. Puritan-Feminists. In fact, one reason why CP is illegal is that men won’t question the system that rules over us. But I’ve already said that.

    • questions says:

      Tom Grauer: A _Danish_ FreeBSD developer hates jews collectivly (and Israel)

      What do you think about the fact that the viking hates YOU and the country in which you reside?

      Please respond.

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