The Decline Of Sex

Absolutely shocking post on how sexual activity, marriage and society itself is declining. A shocking 38% of respondents to a yougov poll said that wolf whistling at a woman is sexual harassment, 16% said that a man commenting on a woman’s attractiveness directly to her is sexual harassment and 37% said that a man placing his hand on a woman’s lower back is sexual harassment (see here).

This has happened because we are seeing the first group of adults who are now grown up and in their twenties for whom their entire childhoods have been spent under the spectre of maximum paedohysteria. They now view any and all sexual behaviour as rape.

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12 Responses to The Decline Of Sex

  1. Yure says:

    The idea is to turn society back to Victorian times.

    • caamib says:

      No. This isn’t correct. Victorian times were silly with many of their views, but today’s times are much more irrational and wicked. The sexuality of stupid sluts who go after the worst men was not a good thing in Victorian times. It is now. Sharing your girlfriend with other degenerates was not a good thing at the time. Today, the idea is that after a girl turns 18 she can be fucked in the ass by 10 men and that’s not a problem. Having passionate, gentle, loving sex with your 17 yo wife is a problem. It’s an insane world.

      • holocaust21 says:

        Truth bomb that lol.

        What happened to you anyway caamib? I thought maybe you’d given up.

      • caamib says:

        Unlike somebody like Nathan, who is completely unemployable and has nothing to do all day, I am struggling in the real world. Financially, romantically and in many different ways. Given that my life had been very traumatic and that, while I would be a guy of slightly above average intelligence in some sane society, I’m surrounded by braindead people compared to whom I am basically god. So, yeah, it is very tough for me. This is no longer 2013-2014 when I could be online all day. But I think it will get easier soon. I am sorry we are in such small numbers and so insignificant but know that I care, holocaust. It’s just that I have little time and energy in general, and running a forum that would be attacked 24/7 would be very tough in such conditions. I urge you not to stop posting and running your blog. You are truly a good man, and I will link to you whenever I get the chance. I hope that I will have more time after April but can’t promise anything yet. Real world problems :/

      • holocaust21 says:

        Well I guess Nathan struggles with the same things, it’s just he’s just given up.

        I am not sure if everyone is brain dead. I sense a lot of people just can’t be bothered to change a feminist system that they feel they can’t change to the extent that they even opt for the good old saying “if you can’t beat them, join them!” which is why all the CEOs of all the major companies are all shoving feminist propaganda down the throats of their employees. It’s probably to try and protect themselves from getting accused of rape. I’m not sure it actually works though. There are, of course, a certain number of brain dead people who actually still believe in feminism, which is obviously insane.

        Anyway, thanks for your kind words. Hope things get easier for you soon. I did wonder at one point whether I should do a series of blog posts on finance, in the hope of helping younger male sexualists eventually become financially independent of the cucked corporate world.

      • Yure says:

        Oh, yeah, it can be worse than Victorian times, then. But that means that there’s not a decline of all sex, but rather a shift on what is considered “good sex”. I see that as another kind of moralism. It’s imposed on everyone by a minority group. If sex is declining, maybe that’s because many people don’t consider the current “good sex” standard to be a good one.

      • “There are, of course, a certain number of brain dead people who actually still believe in feminism, which is obviously insane”

        This is quite wrong actually. Feminism has led to absolutely irrational attitudes towards sex and insane sex laws, as Camlib pointed out, and is a largely irrational and blind force in itself, but the basic motivation behind it – regulating the sexual economy in favor of women, and in particular not so attractive women, is very rational for the majority of females on the planet.

        Feminists don’t want 18 year olds taken up the ass by ten different men. Feminists want a Victorian society, or much better an Islamic society, where you marry your cousin young and don’t look at another female in the face for the rest of your life. Incels must be as desperate as feminists to want that too.

        I see in another comment you made recently that you were ruminating on going back to philosophizing about ‘what causes feminism?’.

        I wonder what would have happened to Marxism if it has developed like the ‘Male Sexualist’ movement? Probably 150 years later it would still be a barely known fringe ‘movement’ whose every member was scratching their heads trying to come up with ‘what causes Capitalism’, or even ‘what causes the oppression of the working class’ (with a large number of disputing that Capitalists were the enemy).

        Authors like Houellebecq and Martin Amis have written novels about how the ‘sexual revolution’ was actually bad for women. Neil Lyndon, one of the first MRAs, in his book ‘No More Sex War’ describes how the sexual revolution was caused by the pill and feminists were simply swept up in it’s current. Lionel Tiger presents a similar argument in ‘The Decline Of The Male’. If you go back and watch the BrassEye paedogeddon special, it’s clear that Chris Morris understands what causes feminism and what causes feminism to create paedohysteria – just look at the ’empowered’ female cougar newsreader character.

        But ‘Male Sexualists’ and their small army of ephebophiles are still scratching their heads at why 40 year old femihags don’t want you to even look at that perfect, nubile 14 year old girl. It’s such a mystery!!

        What was Tom Grauer’s latest theory? Something about the CIA poisoning the water to make 40 year old women everywhere irrationally think it’s a bad idea to not allow 40 year old men to go chasing 14 year old girls? Something like that.

        Now the question is how to appeal to the 4 billion ephebophiles out there?

        Have you noticed how the Daily (middle-aged hag) Mail has been humanizing the little whore who ran off to join Isis? Not only her, but her child raping genocidal husband too, who is never mentioned as a paedophile once, despite marrying her at 15 and he in his mid-twenties. Meanwhile, Adam Johnson is always referred to as the ‘paedophile footballer’ for kissing a 15 year old fan and serving 4 years for it.

      • holocaust21 says:

        You say it’s rational for females to support the age of consent, but it’s a bit tricky because there are a lot of variables and it would be make sense for many groups to be against feminism. For example, women under the age of consent you’d expect would likely to be opposed to feminism. You’d also expect happily married women to be disinterested. You’d further expect women with boys to be against feminism (because their boys might get locked up for rape). You’d also expect women with girls to be against feminism (because it reduces their chances of finding a good man early). Hence, it always strikes me as an irrational oddity that parents would be opposed to paedophilia. In any case, clearly it also makes sense for men to be opposed to feminism. Finally we get on to older single women, well the trouble for them is they can spend a lot of time and energy raising the age of consent, but they are only going to get older (and less attractive) in doing so, and men probably still won’t want to fuck them. Furthermore, feminists seem to spend an awful lot of time on issues such as “sexual harassment”, surely older women would want to increase the rate of sexual harassment so they have a higher probability of a man sexually harassing them?

        That’s not to say of course that there isn’t any credibility to the jealousy argument – in many respects feminism whilst seemingly big is also a minority movement and so it is actually the insane and abnormal who will be feminists which might include people who are “jealous” and for some insane reason think they can better their situation by becoming “feminists” despite the fact that they actually achieve very little personally. But then, that was my original point, which is that feminism is insane. It’s not inconceivable that with societal changes the nutters would think differently and feminism wouldn’t be their chosen outlet.

    • caamib says:

      *Given that my life had been very traumatic and that, while I would be a guy of slightly above average intelligence in some sane society, I’m surrounded by braindead people compared to whom I am basically god, I am struggling even more.

  2. Debauch says:

    A point made by Dr David Starkey on Question time “we’re all very Victorian when it comes to teens and the issue of sex”.

  3. Some Anon says:

    What would happen if two online role-playing “predator hunters” entrapped each other?

  4. galileo1439 says:

    Anyone know what’s happening at youtube lately? Doesnt look good.

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