UN plans to ban lolicon across the entire planet

I hate this one world government shit. The UN – who’s sole purpose for its existence seems to be to spread feminism across the world – is now about to ban lolicon. Yure describes more about the UN ban in his blog post including what you can do about it. Apparently you can email them using a cleverly Kafkaesque process in which you have to send the email in English, French or Spanish (not Japanese) using Microsoft Word format (presumably Microsoft are bribing the UN, which wouldn’t surprise me as Bill Gates is a feminist). They do seem to claim they will post ALL comments on the CRC page devoted to those guidelines though. If they hold true to that claim then it could be worth just sending in some truly pro-paedophile e-mails just to get publicity. Mind you, they’ll probably just break protocol and delete them all. I remember asking for child porn to be re-legalised on Nick Clegg’s “your freedoms” site many years ago and that sick feminist fuck just deleted it. Can you believe it? An official government site for people to campaign to get their freedoms back would just delete unPC comments. Maybe that’s why it didn’t last very long, Nick Clegg soon realised he hated freedom. Anyway, I’m diverting…

If you want to try and plead with the UN to not ban freedom of expression worldwide then go here to submit your comments. You have until 31 March 2019.

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34 Responses to UN plans to ban lolicon across the entire planet

  1. Yure says:

    The idea of using the e-mail to send pro-pedophilia arguments is actually interesting. It’s daring. But, if you do, don’t forget to write the file on Libreoffice. Open the options and make sure that the fields for personal information are left blank. Otherwise, they might be sent with the file as metadata.

    • holocaust21 says:

      Yeah, if you want to be sure of this you could probably use Tails OS to write the document. It’s designed for political dissidents like us and acts as a bootable OS that doesn’t store any of your data (at least not unless you very explicitly ask it to) and connects to the internet over Tor. I think it includes LibreOffice so you can just boot tails, open libreoffice, write your doc, connect to your anonymously created e-mail account, e-mail it out. Job done. No personal data sent!

      Unless you’re Amos Yee in which case I guess you can just put all your personal data in it because he doesn’t give a shit. Same for Nathan Larson. And probably a few other people.

      • Yure says:

        I sent my first and last name, but nothing else. And sent via Tor. I used Tails before and it would be my OS of choice if I could write it to my HD, rather than always booting from removable media. I understand it’s a security thing, tho, and that allowing it to be written to the HD like most distros do would be counterproductive to their goals. So I guess I can only add I don’t need that one privacy feature. But the idea of routing all of my traffic through Tor is, indeed, appealing.

  2. Reblogged this on The Monthly Truth Seeker. and commented:
    I knew this would happen eventually. Been warning for a decade.

    • Yure says:

      However, it’s not the first they try. I talked to two people about it and they said that the UN is likely to not be listened again, as that proposal is inconstitutional in many places of the world, including Japan. At least in Brazil, a recommendation from the UN is ignored if ruled inconstitutional, I think it’s like that everywhere. One of the people I talked to said that the UN is a dog that barks, but that is also leashed, and asked how many times the nations that compose it gave them the middle finger to the very organization. I don’t buy this. The fact that it failed before doesn’t mean it will fail now. We can’t let it pass. Every attempt must result in a fight.

      • holocaust21 says:

        I guess it’s true that the UN doesn’t have much muscle. They can’t really force a country to do anything, though they can put some verbal pressure on them.

        The trouble with the unconstitutional argument is that technically criminalising “actual” child pornography is unconstitutional in the United States but the Supreme Court ruled that they don’t give a shit and granted an “exception” to the first amendment, which is not the first exception they’ve granted to their first amendment. So it’s conceivable that if the UN win in saying “cartoon child porn should be illegal worldwide” then this will eventually filter down to courts ruling that it is constitutional to ban it.

        Of course in Britain we have no constitution and already banned it over a decade ago. I recall the ban being championed by the ugly Home Secretary Jacqui Smith who, having been elected via an all-female shortlist, decided she hated male sexuality so much so that she would ban animated child porn whilst putting pornography on her parliamentary expenses. Unfortunately for her, the sickening hypocrisy was too much for even the feminists to take and they had to boot her out of parliament.

  3. I saw that coming a long time ago. In fact it is part of how I got involved in the men’s rights movement and found Chateau Heartiste.
    They realized it made people think for themselves and it scares them.

    • Yure says:

      One of the reasons they have to ban lolicon/shotacon is that it is “normalizing”. That’s their word for “something that enables people to think in a way that defies the taboo status of something that is supposed to be regarded as abnormal.” They don’t like critical thinking.

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  5. A feminist is dead, guys! says:

    A left-wing feminist whore named Natacha Jaitt has died or has been killed. She became famous for denouncing on Argentine television “paedophile rings” (consensual sex with whores under the age of 18) of celebrities and footballers.

    While she was denouncing men for having sex with women under the age of 18, she, this jealous 40-year-old witch, had all the sex she wanted “between people over the age of 18”.

    The old woman was 41 years old. She was a (real) prostitute who envied that men would rather pay 17 year old whores than 40 year old women who were syphilitic like her.

    Now this filthy beast is dead, I hope it died in pain.

    I hope the real men are celebrating the death of this beast and commenting on why these women are nothing but envious old witches.

    And the men who mourn her death and support her for “chasing paedophile rings” (i.e. fucking whores under the age of 18) deserve death.

  6. Yure says:

    Experts to United Nations: hentai ban would be a mistake.
    It seems like the group behind the push to criminalize shotacon and lolicon is one of the groups that supported FOSTA/SESTA. This page also has a message template, in case of you not knowing what to write in your message.

  7. No Teen Gurlz Allowed says:

    Person 1: “I believe that Jimmy Savile bang and utterly slaughtered over 6 Million Teens during WWIII with the usage of Sex chambers and calling it the Holocaust21.”
    Person 2: “There was no Holocaust21, It’s just a Holohoax created by Feminist media into brainwashing our current generation into believing banging teen girls was evil.”


  8. Fresco says:

    Hey Holocaust21,
    A man named Amos Yee has created a pro-pedo organisation. If you have an interest in joining it, you can email him at magnoliawelcome@gmail.com.

    • holocaust21 says:

      I’ve heard this. Though for now, for anonymity considerations I decided to decline. I wish him every success though! He’s one brave guy.

      • Fresco says:

        I respect that~
        Also, thanks for those words, and yep he definitely is. 😀

      • Fresco says:

        Oh wait, Holocaust21, I think I misunderstood your comment before (because I’m an idiot sometimes).
        You can be completely anonymous for the community. Most of us are.

      • holocaust21 says:

        I thought Amos was into voice chatting with discord? Which didn’t sound so anonymous. If not then it might be an option…

        Like caamib said below I’d be interested to know what the community actually does. I did see some negative comments on twitter accusing Amos of deliberately doxing users which sounds like a shame. I don’t know the exact context though. Either way, it would be nice if this was a community that is actually going to have an impact in the real world, rather than just another community of like-minded people venting about how fucked up our age of consent laws are.

      • Amos Yee says:

        Hi I’m Amos, yeah long story short the doxing accusations on me are false, bred from misrepresenting out of context screenshots. Why would I unfairly dox someone and make a pedo ally feel unsafe that’s silly.

        Yeah you’re being paranoid, sure there’s an option for voice chat, don’t see how a pedophile can be exposed purely from voice, especially if you don’t use it. We’re now on riot.im which is far more censorship free than discord, if you’re deterred from coming in because of unjustified paranoia you’re going to miss out on alot of opportunities, it really is your loss

        Oh yeah I’m disillusioned with tweets just meaninglessly complaining about antis all day you’re right that is silly. Don’t worry about that, the place is run by me and the environment I created is pretty great. People there are intelligent and likeable, discussions are actually productive and valuable, and many people have made valuable long term connections there. The community now has 80 members (from my understanding it’s the biggest now), there are people constantly going around the internet recruiting new members. I think you’ll really like it there, and I think you’d made a fine presence there which is why I’m contacting you

        Here’s the email to contact if you want in joinatlasco@gmail.com Really hope to see you there!

  9. caamib says:

    Hey fresco… what does the community actually do ? Just say as much as you are conformable with on this public platform. My lazy, depressed assessment should probably find out for myself lol

    • Amos Yee says:

      Yoh Amos here. The community is a general group for pro contact pedophiles to hang out, discuss pedophilia etc. Difference from other groups is 1. quality assurance . It’s run by me so my presence is greater them, so the environment is far more valuable and productive, you’ll be sure to find an insight of how to better defend pedophiles, tips on effective marketing, extremely poignant anecdotes by pedophiles etc. if you spend your time there 2. It’s not close knit, it has people going out on the internet trying to recruit new members every day, so we’re hoping the place can be a formidable group for pedophiles one day, rivalling Virped’s 2000 member count for example

      Here’s the email contact once again, if you’d like to join joinatlasco@gmail.com. Hope to see you there!

      • galileo1439 says:

        Hi amos. Since I would need to email to join, how much would that expose an email address of mine? That’s a leading way the vigilante groups targeted MAPs.
        This sounds like a great effort.

  10. Admin PornHub says:


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  12. Tom Grauer says:

    A woman recently said, “I truly believe that a child cannot consent to being on a diet the same way a child cannot consent to having sex.” Lol just lol at what pedohysteria has resulted in.

  13. Tom Grauer says:

    By the way, I wrote a comment on the Pedo-Pill post that seems to have been flagged as spam by WordPress; you may want to retrieve it.

  14. Tom Grauer says:

    By the way, Heartiste has been purged off WordPress.

  15. Flytrap says:

    You still active broadie?

  16. VcSane says:

    Holocaust21: I want to tell Tom Grauer about this FreeBSD developer who /HATES/ him (collectivly) lkml.org/lkml/2019/5/9/620
    But you won’t post my post 😦

    Tom Grauer: What do you think of the Danish Viking that ///HATES/// you?

  17. The Anon says:

    At least some of the judiciary in Australia are displaying commonsense (someone in contact with The Antifeminist might like to bring this article to his attention):


    ‘A crown case against a Tasmanian man accused of trying to procure a teenage boy for sex collapsed after a judge ruled evidence from a self-proclaimed “paedophile-hunter” was inadmissible.

    Chief Justice Blow found although the witness had “noble intentions” of child protection and public benefit, his actions had instigated and incited the commission of the same crime he was trying to expose.

    Chief Justice Blow also found some of the messages the witness sent constituted child exploitation material because they described sexual activity involving a person under the age of 18.[!]’

  18. The Anon says:

    More disturbing developments down under. It was at least considerate of them to include an image of one of the dolls, rather than the two hags pushing this legislation (don’t do an image search on a full stomach!):


    ‘Child-like sex dolls will be banned in South Australia after the State Government agreed to back new legislation, with an independent MP now preparing to write to Japanese authorities urging them to crack down on manufacturing the items.

    Under the reforms introduced by SA Best MP Connie Bonaros, anyone guilty of producing, selling or possessing the objects, which resemble young children, will face jail terms of up to 10 years.

    South Australian Attorney-General Vickie Chapman said the State Government would now support the legislation.’

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