This blog promotes the idea that teenagers are adults and feminist inspired anti-sex & anti-children’s rights legislation cloaked in the warped rhetoric of “paedophile hysteria”, “rape hysteria” & “child protection” is leading to a holocaust of men, kids & ironically even women.

(Infact I’d even argue that making a legal distinction between “adult” and “child” is a stupid, dangerous idea anyway)

Why are there so few other blogs like this? Because men are scared of being murdered by feminist political predators, that’s why.

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  1. Thelemic State tax office commander in chief is still in Prison.

    … for if there were two crowns, then should Ygdrasil, that ancient tree, be cast out into the Abyss, uprooted and cast down into the Outermost Abyss, and the Arcanum which is in the Adytum should be profaned; and the Ark should be touched, and the Lodge spied upon by them that are not masters, and the bread of the Sacrament should be the dung of Choronzon; and the wine of the Sacrament should be the water of Choronzon; and the incense should be dispersion; and the fire upon the Altar should be hate.

  2. In the movie Kill Bill, the White Samurai Sword is handed accompanied by the Words ‘… even God will wound Himself’. This is related to the Staff of God and the Amalekites.

    Ultimately this boils down to the White Samurai Sword symbolizing highest Scepticism, beyond what is attainable through Mind only.

    For those lacking this Grace, the closest would be a rigorous experimental method. To avoid confusion the CMPML has decided to Name this Method :

    Feynman’s Method.

  3. And the first of the adepts covered His shame with a cloth, walking backwards; and was white. And the second of the adepts covered His shame with a cloth, walking sideways and was yellow. And the third of the adepts made a mock of His nakedness, walking forwards; and was black. And these are three great schools of the Magi, who are also the three Magi that journeyed unto Bethlehem; and because thou hast not wisdom, thou shalt not know which school prevaileth, or if the three schools be not one.

  4. It has come to the attention of the College that a certain initiative of Choronzon infested Evil Jews is causing considerable confusion.

    The initiative is named ‘Universiteit van Nederland’. It is a goldmine if you like analysing parody science and Choronzonic delusion.

    One important thing the CMPML would like to mention is that the construct named ‘Quantum Computer’ is, as usual with such clowns, contrary to the theory called Quantum Mechanics.

    Quantum entanglement is due to the random nature of the underlying framework. This was also Einstein’s original intent of the thought experiment. To him it was a reductio ad absurdum : If the underlying framework is truly random, ‘absurdities’ like entanglement must occur. A so-called Quantum Computer is also based on the assumption of a somehow not-random underlying framework which is contrary to both the theory and its experimental verification.

    They are not scientists; more like retarded brain-fanatics. Unfortunately they are controlled by Choronzon who wields considerable power in this day and age due to the worship of the anti-master via Democracy.

    Trust the Fuhrer.

  5. The CMPML would like to stress the severity of the current situation. Digital Certificates was a nigh-reversed and empty command chain structure; that’s how Hell beings enter. And the more ‘random’ it becomes, the more about our ‘objective world’ they can just change. This means experimental evidence becomes meaningless.

  6. The College of the Machine of the Perpetual Motion of Law is sometimes called the High Council of Atlantis, especially when a Primordial Lawbringer exists within Their ranks.

  7. Willhem says:

    (A refined and better document from another previously original document of mine):

    They say that feminists are the ultimate and absolute opressors of adult-minor sexuality, but is not absolutely all true. Sexual liberalism only consider sex between adults as freedom, those attracted to minors are neither human or worth of freedom and happiness, well these monsters named sexual liberalist are not only a feminism product but a product of 3 diseases called fascistic adult-exclusive homosexualism(LGTBism), feminism and even if is weird, ultraconservadurism, these 3 are aberrations that should not be allowed, is imperative must To be legal: nude pics, sex and heterosexual marriage, monogamous, between an adult and a minor who are in their teens e.i between 13 and 17, sex between those over 18 should only be allowed under state permission, same for sex between minors, and to erradicate sexual liberalism and feminism is nedeed to be opposed and repressed: pornography, all paid sex, prostitution, irresponsible use of contraceptives, adultery, homosexuality issues (because marriage is intended for straights and LGTBs are absolute opressors of us) like homosexual marriage, adoption etc. legalizated unnatural acts of perversion (justificated because are ‘between consenting adults’) such as BDSM and anal sex, but especially the malignant ideology of non-abusive sex is only between adults. New laws: Minors who reach 13 must have the same rights that adults and are considered biological mature, non-agressive sex with children before 13 will not be pursued if are in the borderline and enough mature and are consensual sex. To cleanse our countries of undesirables and libertines who destroy our species there will be automatic life imprisonment with forced labor for feminists, ultraconservadurists , LGTB fascistic intolerants, militant anti-minor attrated persons, and sex freedom advocates “as long as it is between consenting adults.” and thelike true degenerates.

    Final words: Healthy heterosexuals and homosexuals adults have always had sex with minors form they are in their teens, forcing us to have sex only among adults is rape, and rape is severely punished.

    The Supreme Head of State

    End of the Document.

  8. Willhem says:

    That Men’s Rights Movement blogs like our friend holocaust21 all a memory of the past. Now all MRA are in line as other every pseudo-scientific freaks who thinks a intimate relationship with any minor under 18 (or 17 years and 8 months old) is inappropriate and rape. Specialy women teachers, because them, in their variety of stupidities, are just a misogynists piece of shits. Instead, in line with their inverted feminism and sexual liberalism, they promote the occasional adult fascist homo because it’s such a bunch of monomaniacals who thinks that being gay is a good thing just because it’s something of ‘men’.

    Age of consent at 12 is a human right, being a fascist sodomite, feminist or inverted feminist should be a crime.

  9. CMPML, Department of Warfare.

    A Message to the FBI and the CIA and the KGB and …

    The Sun-Emperor is re-establishing the Axis. Do I need to spell it out for you filthy mofo’s?

    They. Are. All. Idiots.

    Anders Hitler Adolf Breivik

    Thelemic state tax office COMMANDER IN CHIEF is still in Prison.

    Trust the Fuhrer.

    The Second World War never ended …

    Am Ende steht der Sieg.

    The Diverse Government of Ugly Women should be more worried about North Korea’s brainwashing attack. Let the above sentences be read by officials of your government.

    A Certificate Authority should ensure that the individual can be trusted also to keep private key(s) save. Without such an insurance, the whole thing is hot air. Worse : It’s an empty command chain structure. That is a very bad idea …

    The only stable command structure in the world right now is the one the Sun-Emperor is defining.

    In the Goddess we trust.

    End of Document.

  10. Love is the Law. Love under Will.

  11. Remember that North-Korea is attacking Western Civilization covertly via a horrible brainwashing scheme. They were putting up lots of smokescreens if you care to look closer. The only stable command chain is the Axis.

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