This blog promotes the idea that teenagers are adults and feminist inspired anti-sex & anti-children’s rights legislation cloaked in the warped rhetoric of “paedophile hysteria”, “rape hysteria” & “child protection” is leading to a holocaust of men, kids & ironically even women.

(Infact I’d even argue that making a legal distinction between “adult” and “child” is a stupid, dangerous idea anyway)

Why are there so few other blogs like this? Because men are scared of being murdered by feminist political predators, that’s why.

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  1. I can’t find the clip but there is a Bernie und Ert, yes, Bernie und Ert, where they look at toys and want to classify them Sesame Street-style. This is Red … And this is Green … and one of them tries to use the ‘does it have batteries’-predicate. The other doesn’t agree because he thinks it’s better to determine whether or not you are going to put it in your anus tonight. Like the vibrator. Which needs batteries. He then goes back to the first item, a firetruck, to determine if he wants it up his ass. The answer is yes, of course. If one would replace the firetruck with one of those new North-Korean toys to scale, that would actually make sense …

  2. Scheisse mit der Scheisse.

  3. The CMPML charges you earnestly to understand that Choronzon does NOT work according to Cui Bono! And/But it will even make a sport out of ruining things.

  4. Make the little Asian man look like he has a very small penis. It’s not even clever.

    Hij is hier toch echt door een flauwe bocht gevlogen.

  5. Dus in de Seth Gaaikema straat, daar zit een flauwe bocht.

  6. For example, you could secretly support certain groups that want to overthrow certain governments. And then you can blame me for all wrongdoings openly. You can make a huge thing about us throwing people out of helicopters all you want. Otherwise you should … throw me out of a helicopter. But I’m just f* with you.

  7. I came to the conclusion that the only reasonable answer to the question ‘Who shot Kennedy? ‘ was : Someone who was a very good shot. But now I’m unsure about this.

  8. Just to make it clear, the decision that Japan made to surrender was correct. They had lost and they would not have any tsunamis or other issues ever again had they not. The problem was that the Sun-Emperor title was covered in Democratic nonsense.

  9. If there is a crazy person with nukes surrounding you threatening to destroy the whole f* island, consider the battle lost.

  10. This is the best Democratic slogan the Sun-Emperor ever heard. Whoever is responsible for this would make for a Good King of Africa. The Sun-Emperor believes this would solve the Africa-problem.

    ‘He killed my ma, he killed my pa, but I will vote for him.’

    ‘Jesus Christ was accused of being a murderer in his time.’

    This is why Nietzsche considered Rome vs. Judea the fundamental conflict.

  11. Dit is een Hele Grote Boze Neger.

  12. America, f* you! F* your president!

  13. The ‘Teller-Ulam’ design has a ballistic shape. Apart from the fact that this already makes less and less sense for a large bomb that can destroy countries, you require a big block at the end unless you want the tail bit to just fly off.

  14. Volgens mij hebben de Amerikanen een minder dikke piemel dan ze ons willen laten geloven.

  15. I expect the Hitler-wagon with Jacob’s ladder figures holding the gun and Jackie Kennedy throwing a piece of brain at me.

  16. A Cuban cigar is handrolled. Even though this concept has been commercialized, it is still true that when you smoke a Cuban sigar, you know it has been rolled by someone who knows how to do this. People usually have a good time when they go on vacation there. Sometimes, they send a delegation of musicians to play Cuban music. It’s not music I would put up but they do have flamenco influences that I like.

  17. He also decided not to throw. The one that is still capable of destroying cities.

  18. The Adversary says:

    It has become apparent to the Sun-Emperor that one has reached the highest level of power, the most inner circle, when one resides within an insane asylum of sorts. This means to overthrow the balance of power means some kind of prison rebellion. So the Sun-Emperor’s Command is :
    Start prison riots everywhere!

  19. The Adversary says:

    The Sun-Emperor decrees it most certain to commit matricide with extreme prejudice.

  20. The Adversary says:

  21. Ye have called us Gansters. We have returned and we’ll start doing what we’ve always been very good at.
    Unite Satudarah, Angels, Cosa Nostra, Yoegos and Yakuza, to name but a few. Against matriarchical anti-survival oppression.

  22. The official story that Klaas Bruinsma was executed by the Yoegos doesn’t make sense. But seeing as he would have been King of Holland then the matter became political. Which means they were excellent shots, like Lee Harvey.

  23. Als je het niet eens bent met psychiatrie kunnen ze je opsluiten zo lang ze willen. Dit is mijn pleidooi.

  24. https://www.facebook.com/klaas.vos.7505

    I will stop spamming your board. I’ll spam my Facebook page instead.

    Follow my Command && Trust the Fuhrer.

  25. I was going to post some thoughts on the pedosphere, but it became an essay. https://www.nathania.org/wiki/Essay:Holocaust21_post Feel free to hit me up at NathanLarson3141@protonmail.com if you want to chat more. Thanks.

  26. dkai says:

    I don’t know if you noticed, but Youth Liberation made another youtube channel about a week ago (“Leon YL”). After a few days, the antis found out again, and dapperton and another mothafucker made another videos on him, and got him reported by the sheep again. And today that channel is gone again. There were a few reuploads and 4 new videos. And he was very cautious in his wording now, but that didn’t help, surprise surprise.

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