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Should Attorney General Jeremy Wright Be Sent To Prison?

Eivind Berge has pointed out how the Attorney General, Jeremy Wright, has been responsible for sentencing a 19 year old girl to 18 weeks in prison for revealing the truth about her brother’s false accusers who’s dubious accusations sent him … Continue reading

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Could Christopher Chope be the first Male Sexualist MP?

In a brilliant act of defiance, Christopher Chope MP stood up to object to a sickening bill put forward by the vile feminist oligarchy – a bill to criminalise the harmless act of “upskirting”. Could he be the first Male … Continue reading

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Jonathan King Goes To Trial

Jonathan King, probably the nicest man you would ever meet, is going to trial for historical sex crimes. He was previously sentenced to 7 years in prison in 2001 for sex crimes that he was completely innocent of. It looks … Continue reading

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The World’s Most Hilarious Post

This is hilarious… AMOS YEE GOT 23,000 DOLLAR DONATION ADVOCATING FUCKING CHILDREN… I bash pedophiles and get them removed from youtube and i dont get nothing compared to that. The world isnt fair. — SUPER LIBERTARIAN GOD (@MrDapperton) June … Continue reading

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Youth Liberation Doxed & Youtube Channel Taken Down

According to a post by Amos Yee the pro-paedophilia youtuber Youth Liberation has been doxed and had his youtube channel taken down: Pro-Pedophile Youtuber, Youth Liberation, just had his parent’s address and his full name leaked online. In addition, his … Continue reading

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Nathan Larson Interview

Nathan Larson, the paedophile congressional candidate, has recently been causing a storm as the media have picked up on his existence, partly because his sites were recently taken down by PC activists. And now, he’s done an interview with Pod … Continue reading

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First Feminist Admits Rape is a Low Level Crime

We never thought we’d see the day. But finally a leading feminist – Germaine Greer – has admitted that rape is a low level crime and punishments should be reduced. I’m gobsmacked really. After all the triggerings that Tom Grauer … Continue reading

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