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Amos Yee is back!

Thanks to one of my loyal readers for informing me of this. Amos Yee, the Singaporean political activist who was jailed for offending religion and, more importantly, once said that child pornography should be legalised has recently been released from … Continue reading

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The women stripping off – for men’s rights

Well this is an interesting video. Seems like more and more women are starting to abandon feminism and instead campaign for men’s rights. But can women be true men’s rights activists or will they just create a watered down, slightly … Continue reading

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Feminist bitch Kerry McCarthy MP attempts to drive Kelvin Hopkins MP to suicide

As Mike Buchanan recently reported on, it seems that Kerry McCarthy MP is claiming Kelvin Hopkins MP has “harassed” her in several notes that he sent her. This claim is presumably an attempt to drive him to suicide. The BBC … Continue reading

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True Men’s Rights Activists Oppose the Age Of Consent

Certain ‘alt-right’ activists have, in recent years, tried to deliberately claim that feminists are ‘pro-paedophilia’ whilst any ‘normal person’ – including those who support men’s rights – are reviled by it. For that reason I think it’s worth posting an … Continue reading

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Reddit bans incels subreddit under false pretenses that it “incites violence”

Reddit has banned the incels subreddit under the false pretenses that it “incites violence”. The incels subreddit was a community for men who have been unable to make relationships due to feminist oppression. As I have discussed before there is … Continue reading

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British politicians begin committing suicide

As the UK descends further into a level of insanity that even those who lived through a Nazi concentration camp could not have predicted, the feminists have committed their first direct political assassination. The current wave of sexual harassment allegations, … Continue reading

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The Puritan Hypothesis and Charlie Elphicke (2017)

Interesting article by Sean Gabb on how our country is now ruled by a Politically Correct Puritan elite and what to do about it. His suggestion seems to be to remove their economic base rather than a full frontal assault. … Continue reading

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