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Save The Children Under Fire

Save The Children, the evil “child protection” charity that is partly responsible for raising the age of consent for child porn to 18 in the UK (instead of 16, which is the actual age of consent) is now under fire … Continue reading

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Matthew Falder, Cambridge graduate handed ridiculous 32-year sentence and stripped of his degree

Matthew Falder, a Cambridge university graduate, has been jailed for a shocking 32 years for nothing more than (at worst) online bullying – oh but of course – with a “sexual component” (that clearly makes it so much worse). If … Continue reading

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The Age Of Consent is an Act of Savage Violence

Posted this on the r/unpopularopinion reddit here, so thought I’d also repost it on my blog too, why not? I find it astonishing how anyone can support the age of consent. I mean I hear the nonsense its proponents parrot … Continue reading

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Oxfam Scandal – Are Social Justice Organisations Imploding?

Recently a so-called scandal around Oxfam has broken out whereby its directors have been doing entirely innocent things like banging Haitian prostitutes but, which is apparently, after the population has been subjected to years of feminist indoctrination, considered a ‘bad … Continue reading

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Jennifer Lawrence Applauded for Committing Criminal Assault

Absolutely shocking: Why is she not arrested and sent to prison?

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Cathy Newman Makes a Desperate Bid to Seize Control of Parliament

In a Telegraph article recently published Cathy Newman wants to seize control of parliament by working to imprison and/or kick out any legitimately elected anti-feminist MPs. At least that’s what it appears from what I read, unfortunately it’s behind some … Continue reading

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1000 young people charged in Denmark for distributing child porn

Denmark is charging over 1000 young people with distributing child pornography. They will be placed on the sex offender registry for 10 years – and I didn’t even know Denmark had a sex offender registry! This is shocking. This shows … Continue reading

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