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Who are men’s rights activists? (Documentary)

Good documentary on the Men’s Rights Movement that has just been released. I found it worth watching.

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Male Sexualist Definition Of The Age Of Consent

I just came across this definition of the age of consent that PaulB posted on Jonathan King’s site. It was written by a school boy and I think it is a great definition: The age when someone graduates from being … Continue reading

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Alison Saunders to Leave Crown Prosecution Service

The British government is not going to extend chief prosecutor Alison Saunders 5 year contract, meaning she will leave at the end of the year. It is not entirely clear to me if this really was that she has been … Continue reading

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Tom Grauer of The Daily Antifeminist is Back!

Seems he has created a new youtube channel and uploaded a bunch of videos to it. Seems like his first ones are claiming the CIA are trying to assassinate him.

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Sex Crimes Are Not Violent Crimes And Should Be Legal

I do believe all sex crime legislation should be abolished. Feminists have deliberately tried to conflate sex and violent crimes. They are not the same thing. So when we consider that the “sex crime” category is entirely a list of … Continue reading

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Stefan Molyneux Explaining To A Childless Feminist What Men Want

Very interesting video by Stefan Molyneux where he discusses with a highly educated 32 year old Swedish woman on how she can find a man. She seems to want a man that is impossible to have, and is running out … Continue reading

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1 in 5 Men Are Hardcore Paedophiles

A meta-study conducted in 2014 has found that 1 in 5 men are preferentially attracted to children 13 and under. Which, under current inflated feminist definitions of “paedophile” means that 1 in 5 men are hardcore paedophiles (since even attraction … Continue reading

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