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Is Milo Yiannopoulos the biggest contradiction that ever existed?

Following recent revelations that Milo Yiannopoulos has given a grovelling apology for making pro-paedophile comments I’m left wondering, is this guy the biggest contradiction ever? On the one hand Milo openly and proudly says some things that are quite reasonable … Continue reading

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Life Through the Eyes of SJW’s

This video clip from “Mad TV” is incredibly amusing and describes, in a nutshell, EXACTLY how SJW’s behave: It even illustrates why one should always be assertive and NEVER apologise to an SJW!

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Radical MRA Eivind Berge wins compensation trial for wrongful imprisonment

Eivind Berge, who spoke truth to power four years ago when he argued that police officers and feminists should be killed, has finally won his trial for compensation after he was wrongly imprisoned for his speech. Hurray! A victory for … Continue reading

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London Science Museum finally ends long-standing “all men are paedophiles” policy

Very good article, however, it’s truly shocking that the London Science Museum had an “all men are paedophiles” policy and unfortunately whilst the London Science Museum have ended it the London Zoo has now begun a similar policy. You win … Continue reading

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Leon: A truly antifeminist movie

One of my all time favourite movies – and not just because of its extreme antifeminist content – is Leon: The Professional. Made in 1994 you might have seen it – it was a big hit mainstream movie and a … Continue reading

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German Court Rules Parents of 15-year-old girl cannot stop her having sexual relationship with uncle

Some good news for change. Mind you, no doubt the feminazis will quickly change the law and raise the age of consent in Germany to stop this dissident judicial activism.

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Donald Trump: A Men’s Rights Martyr

I’m sure you’ve all heard the headlines, scores of miserable old feminist hags are making sexual assault allegations against Donald Trump in an attempt to stop him obtaining legislative power and destroying feminism. Well, every allegation I hear against Trump … Continue reading

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