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Wordpress Begins Purging Politically Incorrect Content

A fellow Male Sexualist blogger, Robert Lindsay, who has been blogging for many years recently had his blog shut down. If you go to his site here it has been removed. The only reason Robert Lindsay’s blog has been removed, … Continue reading

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What Is The Pro-Rape Position?

Wrote this brief polemic in the comments on Tom O’Carroll’s blog but he declined to publish it (Update: actually he did eventually publish it). So, I thought it worth putting here instead: The pro-rape position is a state of mind … Continue reading

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Russian Politician Wants To Criminalise Feminism

Well done Mother Russia, a Russian politician wants to criminalise feminism. Let’s hope he succeeds.

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Tom is back!

Our dear Male Sexualist leader has been blogging again quite a bit recently with content of a similar quality to when he was running The Daily Antifeminist. This is all while I on the otherhand have been incredibly lazy so, … Continue reading

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OMG how morally bankrupt can the BBC be? They now want to change the law so Cliff couldn’t have prosecuted them when they shoved their TV camera in his home and demonised him on every TV screen in the … Continue reading

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Black Pilled Review of Falling Down

Good black pilled video review of the film falling down which is a 1993 movie about a man who gets kicked out by his ex-wife and she takes custody of his child. Though some parts of it do portray the … Continue reading

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Count Dankula Suggests Incels Should Kill Themselves

Count Dankula, who has previously advocated murdering paedophiles, is now proposing that incels should kill themselves: It’s interesting that the same people who want paedophiles dead also want incels dead, isn’t it?

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