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Another ‘Out’ Youth Sexual Rights Activist

Another youth sexual rights activist has come out who has decided to put his real face to his views: He also has a patreon at: He seems to be wanting donations as he decided to come out but has … Continue reading

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Who are men’s rights activists? (Documentary)

Good documentary on the Men’s Rights Movement that has just been released. I found it worth watching.

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Woman Shoots Up Youtube Headquarters Over Censorship

A violent war is beginning to erupt over censorship and freedom. None of us would have thought that it would be a woman, Nasim Aghdam – normally the gender most predisposed to crackdown on free speech as well as being … Continue reading

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Should we convert to Islam?

I came across this video in which a Muslim is arguing with some British bigot against the age of consent. Unfortunately later on in the video the Muslim does become a bit intolerant and cucked when he says homosexuality is … Continue reading

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Alison Saunders to Leave Crown Prosecution Service

The British government is not going to extend chief prosecutor Alison Saunders 5 year contract, meaning she will leave at the end of the year. It is not entirely clear to me if this really was that she has been … Continue reading

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Tom Grauer of The Daily Antifeminist is Back!

Seems he has created a new youtube channel and uploaded a bunch of videos to it. Seems like his first ones are claiming the CIA are trying to assassinate him.

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UK Engaging in a Major Crackdown on Free Speech

This week there seem to be a series of major social justice crackdowns happening on free speech in the UK. A guy known as Count Dankula has been convicted for making a joke youtube video of his dog doing a … Continue reading

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