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Amos Yee Is Making America Great Again

Amos Yee is back in action and trying to make America Great Again, something that Trump has so far failed to do. He’s now doubling down on his pro-paedophilia activism and abandoning his anti-singapore politics. Damn, I just love that … Continue reading

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Feminazi Judge Adds 6 Months to Boy’s Sentence for Fleeing in Terror

A 20 year old boy who had just been convicted under a feminist rape law fled the court in terror upon receiving the unexpected verdict. After police thugs abducted him and returned him to the court the feminist judge, James … Continue reading

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Citizens Prosecution of Alison Saunders

Very brave David Pattinson has announced a private prosecution of Alison Saunders, the corrupt former head of the Crown Prosecution Service. He is a successful businessman who’s life has been affected by her reign of terror. Watch the video of … Continue reading

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MRA Recording Attempted Entrapment

Eivind Berge a leading Male Sexualist and Men’s Rights Activist recently experienced attempted entrapment by a jealous old hag who pretended to be 18, then pretended to be 15, then pretended to be 16 and then pretended to be 15 … Continue reading

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What Is The Pro-Rape Position?

Wrote this brief polemic in the comments on Tom O’Carroll’s blog but he declined to publish it (Update: actually he did eventually publish it). So, I thought it worth putting here instead: The pro-rape position is a state of mind … Continue reading

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Tom is back!

Our dear Male Sexualist leader has been blogging again quite a bit recently with content of a similar quality to when he was running The Daily Antifeminist. This is all while I on the otherhand have been incredibly lazy so, … Continue reading

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OMG how morally bankrupt can the BBC be? They now want to change the law so Cliff couldn’t have prosecuted them when they shoved their TV camera in his home and demonised him on every TV screen in the … Continue reading

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