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Geography teacher cleared of raping pupil says men should stay away from teaching

A geography teacher, Kato Harris, who was cleared of raping a pupil but found not guilty last year has said that men should stay away from teaching. In a Daily Mail interview he speaks of how a couple of corrupt … Continue reading

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Fevered Sleep: Men and Girls Dance

Wow this is pretty unPC, apparently a group have created a “Men and Girls” dance piece – which is being performed up and down the country – in their own words: Men & Girls Dance is a celebration of the rights … Continue reading

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Boycott Travelodge

Travelodge, a radical feminist chain of cheap hotels, has called the police on a father who booked a room with his daughter The particular member of staff who called the police is obviously a psychopathic individual who, like most males … Continue reading

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Is Milo Yiannopoulos the biggest contradiction that ever existed?

Following recent revelations that Milo Yiannopoulos has given a grovelling apology for making pro-paedophile comments I’m left wondering, is this guy the biggest contradiction ever? On the one hand Milo openly and proudly says some things that are quite reasonable … Continue reading

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Finally a man falsely accused of rape did the same thing I would do in that situation…

He killed the thuggish twat confronting him! Finally an accused sex offender with some balls. Perhaps if there were a few more of these cases then these thugs might suddenly realise that they aren’t going to get away with beating … Continue reading

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Stinson Hunter named Paedocrite of the Year 2016

Stinson Hunter aka Kieran Parsons has been named paedocrite of the year 2016. No doubt he’s a bigger paedophile than all of the innocent men he’s entrapped combined!

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Sex Offenders & Public Perception: Fiction vs Reality

I just came across this video on youtube from one of those American shout shows: Now if you watch the end of the video and also read the comments on youtube you’ll notice something interesting. At the very end the … Continue reading

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