Jennifer Lawrence Applauded for Committing Criminal Assault

Absolutely shocking:

Why is she not arrested and sent to prison?

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Are YOU a Victim of Cristina Garcia?

In a massive case of irony anti-harassment #MeToo activist Cristina Garcia has been accused of sexual misconduct by TWO men. This video on it is great, you should watch it:

The best bit is at the end where the broadcaster says:

If we’ve learning anything from the #MeToo movement it’s that accusations carry more weight than denials and once one person comes forward the flood gates tend to open.

Oh yes Cristina Garcia! Hopefully many more men will accuse you. You’ll become a female Harvey Weinstein!

Were you abused by Cristina Garcia? If so call the police and the national media NOW.

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Woman arrested for having sex with “student” over 18

A 22 year old has been arrested for having sex with an 18 year old presumably because the 18 year old is a “student” below the new feminist “student” age of consent. Or something like that. Actually no one even knows what the laws are anymore, all we know is that if it’s sexual it might be illegal. Most ironically of all, that 22 year old is a woman.

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Cathy Newman Makes a Desperate Bid to Seize Control of Parliament

In a Telegraph article recently published Cathy Newman wants to seize control of parliament by working to imprison and/or kick out any legitimately elected anti-feminist MPs. At least that’s what it appears from what I read, unfortunately it’s behind some paywall and I just couldn’t really be bothered to read the whole thing. However, the relevance of this is that Cathy Newman recently gave an interview with Jordan Peterson in which she lost spectacularly and has been vilified by most normal people (except feminists) ever since. So really you don’t need to read her article as it will be the usual FemiNazi drivel in which she dreams up ingenious new punishments for men and it’s clear from the title she wants to seize absolute control of parliament in the same way Hitler did with the Reichstag fire. However, what’s more interesting and entertaining are the comments below her psychopathic article, they are almost entirely critical and ridiculing. Let’s take a few highlights…

First up are comments ridiculing Cathy Newman for her constant “So what you’re saying is…” replies to Jordan Peterson in which she then proceeded to totally misrepresent him:

So you’re saying that every man in the country should be put in prison. – Caractacus Rex

So what you’re saying is “any man touching a woman’s knee should have his hand cut off”? – Deus Vult

So, you are saying that no man should be an MP?

So, you are saying all MPs should be women?

So, you are saying there should be no MPs?

So, you are saying that the Lords should all be Ladies?

And so on and so bluddy on ad infinitum…….

A Allan

Next, comments speaking the truth about feminist MPs:

Apart from a small minority, most of the female MPs in Parliament seem to be totally inadequate. Meritocracy not ‘ positive discrimination’ should be the reason they are there. We should get rid of 90% of them. I feel ashamed to say this, but unfortunately, it’s true. – Fay Kendall

 Who is this legislation designed to protect, and who are the offenders, we should know. If MP’s are breaking a law, they should be brought to justice. Or is this another knee jerk reactionary attempt at creating a problem where there is none. If my MP ever complained about being bullied or sexually harassed, I wouldn’t want them to represent me, they simply wouldn’t have the spine to fight for the interests of their constituents.

Next, a comment speaking the truth about what Feminist-Puritanism is doing to sexual relations and it’s ironic knock-on effect for normal women:

This latest trend in safe-zone social engineering has the potential to make women unapproachable by men. The result is that men will marry their best friends and pay for sex. The result will be a lot of lonely women. – Peter Cogley

The truth about so-called “Gender Equality”:

You do realise that if you were a straight bloke, you wouldn’t have your job don’t you? – Ipse Dixit

And the final warning for Cathy:

Cathy, this, and you, are boring. Grow up, get a sense of proportion, and try for once to get through a day without whining about being a victim. Just a bunch of weak minded, silly women who’ve so far got away with playing the feminist-equality card, but won’t in future. The backlash is mounting. – Peter Kitson

I see a few small positive signs in the UK with both this and the collapse of numerous rape trials recently. However, the feminists still maintain a lot of power and so it’s unclear whether this is going to become a trend or if it’s just a brief correction before feminism comes up with the “final solution” for men.

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The BEST Comedy Ever

These days I’m often put off by most media whether it be films, video games, TV, comedy and all for one simple reason… More and more it ends up having a social justice theme. But here’s one piece of brilliant anti-feminist comedy that is certainly no friend of social justice:

Wow, Bill Burr is the best!

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Man convicted based on hearsay

Much like the Salem witch trials a man in Britain has now been convicted on mere hearsay evidence. The man was convicted under the shocking feminist law of “coercive and controlling behaviour” that was introduced in 2015. The law itself is beyond disturbing in requiring very little ‘evidence’ to convict but in the latest case there was no one who actually considered themselves a victim. The only evidence was pure hearsay from feminist busy bodies.

You will note this new development is very much like how the age of consent developed. First it seemed to allow underage women to accuse their boyfriends of ‘rape’ if they felt like it, then it turned into the state manipulating them and encouraging them to make the accusations and then finally it turned into the state completely ignoring the underage woman and prosecuting her boyfriend based on hearsay from some sexually jealous older woman (or her incestuous – and thus jealous – father).

All sex is fast becoming illegal. And like with children, it is becoming dangerous for a man to even be seen near a woman.

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Jordan Peterson totally rapes radical feminist Cathy Newman

The incredibly hostile feminist presenter Cathy Newman gets totally raped by Jordan Peterson in a 30 minute interview. Many activists would be severely put off by her extreme hostility but not Peterson. He thrashes every single gibberish feminist argument that she has to throw:

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