Child Murdered by Paedophile Hunters (aka Police)

In a shocking incident an American child by the name of Corey Walgren was forced to kill himself after being targeted by a group of dangerous out of control anti-paedophile vigilantes known as the American Police, or more specifically, Naperville Police led by Police Chief Robert Marshall.

The child was doing what all normal children used to do – have sex with other kids – when the police decided to threaten him with child pornography charges and sex offender registration. The message the police thugs gave him was clear: Commit suicide yourself now or we’ll make you suffer a fate worse than death. He chose death.

His parents are now clearly angry and attempting to sue the police. It seems that in today’s world high profile child murders are not committed by paedophiles but by paedophile hunters. It’s high time we abolish the sex offender registry and the age of consent, for the good of our children!

  • It’s also worth noting that the male suicide rate is 3-4x that of the female suicide rate. The way in which men are constantly told that fucking girls is rape and the way in which they are repeatedly arrested for that “crime” is undoubtedly a significant factor in this.
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Geography teacher cleared of raping pupil says men should stay away from teaching

A geography teacher, Kato Harris, who was cleared of raping a pupil but found not guilty last year has said that men should stay away from teaching.

In a Daily Mail interview he speaks of how a couple of corrupt individuals (who were previously involved with the police & CPS), Alison Levitt and Sue Akers, conspired with the girls rich parents – for payments that can only be considered bribes in any sane world – to have him wrongly arrested for rape. He also speaks of how the headmaster of his first school, the vile Gary Savage (is this closet paedophile’s surname for real?), lobbied successfully to have him banned from his cricket club (who seem to have policies derived from NSPCC man-hating nonsense).

The teacher is now unemployed despite having been cleared as his former school – headed by the decaying feminist Elizabeth Hewer – decided to force him out of his job anyway. The former pupil who falsely accused him has yet to be named or arrested for her crimes and worryingly the Daily Mail describes her as ‘troubled’ when I think a better word would be ‘psychopath’ and there is one place for psychopaths: Prison.

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Fevered Sleep: Men and Girls Dance

Wow this is pretty unPC, apparently a group have created a “Men and Girls” dance piece – which is being performed up and down the country – in their own words:

Men & Girls Dance is a celebration of the rights of adults and children to be together, to play together and to dance together. At times playful, at times provocative, emotionally charged, and deeply political, Men & Girls Dance is a celebration of tenderness, empathy, care, protection and love.

Check out their site for more information.

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Boycott Travelodge

Travelodge, a radical feminist chain of cheap hotels, has called the police on a father who booked a room with his daughter

The particular member of staff who called the police is obviously a psychopathic individual who, like most males who call the paedophile unit on other males, is himself a paedophile.

However, it is also disturbingly apparent that the actions of this member of staff are incited and encouraged by Travelodge. Revealingly in their statement on the case they state:

Our colleagues are trained based on current national guidelines from the NSPCC, the police and other agencies and in the past, hotel team actions have led to successful intervention to protect young people.

The NSPCC are of course known to be one of the world’s most evil organisations who are dedicated to promoting the feminist idea that “all sex is rape”. Furthermore the implication that Travelodge have in the past reported other hotel users to the police and successfully had them arrested, imprisoned, raped and presumably killed is deeply disturbing.

And finally they give the Orwellian:

We take our responsibilities towards protecting children and vulnerable young people extremely seriously.

That final comment is like Hitler saying he’s protecting Jews by killing them all. It would be completely and utterly laughable if these people weren’t so dangerous and genuinely insane.

Boycott Travelodge!

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Is Milo Yiannopoulos the biggest contradiction that ever existed?

Following recent revelations that Milo Yiannopoulos has given a grovelling apology for making pro-paedophile comments

I’m left wondering, is this guy the biggest contradiction ever?

On the one hand Milo openly and proudly says some things that are quite reasonable and fearlessly outrages certain politically correct groups. For example, his point that feminism is cancer, his point that it is men who are disadvantaged, with high suicide rates, the education gender gap, high workplace deaths and so on. As well as, of course, his pro free speech activism in which he supports internet trolls “the only people still telling the truth are the trolls” and believes people shouldn’t be going to prison for what they say (especially when it is the feminists who baited them and deliberately wound them up in the first place).

On the other hand Milo has in the past made comments to the effect of saying that paedophiles should be killed, whilst, simultaneously it seems, holding contradictory opinions on paedophilia as his leaked “pro-paedophile” video shows. However, now these comments have come to the fore he has absurdly decided to issue a grovelling apology as well as agreeing to finance some of the most vile criminals of the 21st century (he stated that he will donate 10% of the royalties from his book to ‘child sex abuse charities’). For someone so used to causing outrage it does seem extraordinary that he would apologise for making comments that are so reasonable.

The irony of all this is that I suggested to him on twitter sometime ago that perhaps I should accuse him of child molestation because of his paedohysteria. And yet, as it turns out, it wasn’t me making up allegations! He slipped up of his own doing!

Now, here’s some food for thought to debate in the comments:

  1. What does Milo really believe? Is he as confused as it seems? (even in the alleged videos he did both claim the age of consent was ‘about right’ whilst also claiming that we are too hung up on child abuse stuff and that perfectly consensual sex can occur younger. That, to my mind, is a contradictory viewpoint. It’s like someone saying it’s OK for the Nazis to gas Jews whilst also saying Jews can be perfectly decent people).
  2. Why did Milo so desperately apologise over this, but hasn’t apologised over other comments he has made despite triggering hordes of overweight feminazis?
  3. Why does this culture exist whereby it seems that people feel they can speak their opinions about anything except paedophilia? Is this culture fundamental (i.e. the consequences for speaking your opinion are both far worse and impossible to mitigate when speaking out about paedophilia over other issues) or imaginary (the consequences could actually be far less than believed, or with some cunning can be mitigated and the oppressive age of consent belief system crushed)?
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Finally a man falsely accused of rape did the same thing I would do in that situation…

He killed the thuggish twat confronting him!

Finally an accused sex offender with some balls. Perhaps if there were a few more of these cases then these thugs might suddenly realise that they aren’t going to get away with beating up someone just because they “think they’re a paedo”.

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Jerry Goes To The BBFC

Good video from Jerry Barnett criticising the BBFC (British Board of Film Censorship) outside their headquarters. Maybe the next stage is a protest? It is quite frightening the amount of control they have over our lives and they do it without us realising. And it’s about to get worse as they prepare to censor the internet.


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