Life Through the Eyes of SJW’s

This video clip from “Mad TV” is incredibly amusing and describes, in a nutshell, EXACTLY how SJW’s behave:

It even illustrates why one should always be assertive and NEVER apologise to an SJW!

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Radical MRA Eivind Berge wins compensation trial for wrongful imprisonment

Eivind Berge, who spoke truth to power four years ago when he argued that police officers and feminists should be killed, has finally won his trial for compensation after he was wrongly imprisoned for his speech.

Hurray! A victory for the men’s rights movement and freedom of speech!

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London Science Museum finally ends long-standing “all men are paedophiles” policy

Very good article, however, it’s truly shocking that the London Science Museum had an “all men are paedophiles” policy and unfortunately whilst the London Science Museum have ended it the London Zoo has now begun a similar policy.

You win some, you lose some. One can only dream of a future where paedophilia has been eradicated, not by killing all men, but by purging society of feminists thus eradicating all paedophilia allegations.

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Businessman wins payout after police wrongly brand him a paedophile

Absolutely disgusting, the police responsible should be given the electric chair.

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Judge has ‘ethical and legal’ concerns over FBI running a massive ‘dark web’ child-porn site

Well at least someone is willing to point out the fact that the FBI are a bunch of hypocrites. Infact, the FBI and Keith Becker in particular are quite obviously, to anyone with a brain even half the size of a pea, a bunch of paedophiles.

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Jonathan King: Ched Evans Police Incompetence

Good article by Jonathan King on the Ched Evans case. In it he also calls for police officers to be locked up themselves under “Malfeasance in Public Office” charges. I totally agree and in my view the first one who should be arrested is Jim Gamble – who imprisoned thousands using manufactured evidence – and he should get the full brunt of media outrage. It should be a true public lynching with the end result being life imprisonment with no chance of release.

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Leon: A truly antifeminist movie

One of my all time favourite movies – and not just because of its extreme antifeminist content – is Leon: The Professional. Made in 1994 you might have seen it – it was a big hit mainstream movie and a truly excellent movie.

The film centers around adult Leon and 12yo Mathilda. The idea that they are girlfriend and boyfriend is never made explicit in the final film but you get a strange sense of what could almost be a slightly romantic relationship.

However, it gets even better if you watch some of the deleted cutscenes such as this one:

At that point the pairs relationship is made much more explicit and you will realise that the movie really is at its core a truly heretic antifeminist underage romance movie. Or indeed, if you read the original script (before it got rewritten to be more PC) then it gets better still, e.g. one example from the script:

MATHILDA (sweetly)

I love you, Léon…. Totally. It’s the first time I feel it that strong. It’s also the first time I trust a man. I trust you.

She caresses his hand.

…I love your hands….


Léon…in your hands…I’d like you to be my first lover.

Obviously if Leon were made today a paedophile ring in Hollywood would be discovered by the FBI as soon as the deleted cutscene and script appeared but even before that just the final watered down film would probably result in a whole horde of hysterical femihags screaming about the “sexualisation of young girls” and “paedophile apologia”.

This just goes to show how far feminism has taken society in trying to clamp down on something that was and is perfectly normal – and I think there are many other antifeminist movies out there made prior to the millennium. Perhaps I should start an antifeminist movie site?

Note: I tried to mention this movie on the J4MB blog here but alas I think facts are considered too unPC by Mike and he’d rather live in his feminist fairy tale world of locking up women for banging 14 year old boys.

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