Alison Saunders Denied Damehood

Finally some good news to end the year, Alison Saunders, Britain’s most evil chief prosecutor who’s whole ambition in life seemed to be to lock up the entire cis gendered white male population for “rape” has been denied a damehood and the reason is suspected to be because of her successful attempts to pervert the course of justice and get innocent men locked up in prison for rape. Apparently she is the very first CPS chief not to be awarded the honour.

Hurray! Happy New Year everyone!

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Let’s reform our justice system

Well, as yours truly hasn’t been posting much recently, let’s instead post a good article by Marthijn Uittenbogaard on how to reform our justice system.

Merry Christmas!

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Amos Yee Is Making America Great Again

Amos Yee is back in action and trying to make America Great Again, something that Trump has so far failed to do. He’s now doubling down on his pro-paedophilia activism and abandoning his anti-singapore politics.

Damn, I just love that guy!

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Feminazi Judge Adds 6 Months to Boy’s Sentence for Fleeing in Terror

A 20 year old boy who had just been convicted under a feminist rape law fled the court in terror upon receiving the unexpected verdict. After police thugs abducted him and returned him to the court the feminist judge, James Tindal, slapped an extra 6 months to his already insanely long 7-year sentence calling the boy a “coward” for fleeing such a horrific fate.

What has this world come to in terms of man-hating that a judge punishes a boy for cowardice? Utter piece of shit, and that’s without me getting started about the original sentence.

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Citizens Prosecution of Alison Saunders

Very brave David Pattinson has announced a private prosecution of Alison Saunders, the corrupt former head of the Crown Prosecution Service. He is a successful businessman who’s life has been affected by her reign of terror. Watch the video of the announcement here:

I was a bit confused as to what he meant by a “citizens prosecution”. I didn’t think it was possible to do such a thing, however it turns out that in British law it is possible to bypass the corrupt CPS and launch a private criminal prosecution all by yourself. The only limitation is that it is expensive. That’s quite interesting as it could open up the possibility of Male Sexualists getting together and crowdfunding prosecutions of all kinds of corrupt feminist public officials. They might even be able to lock up paedo hunters.

Either way, it looks like the first of those prosecutions will be David Pattinson. I certainly wish him the best! I just hope his case doesn’t end up like the Operation Ore appeal. However, the good news is that because he is launching a private prosecution it’s likely to be a jury trial (as opposed to an appeal which will go before judges). If he manages to get his case before a jury then I think he has a better chance of obtaining a conviction. If he does obtain a conviction then it will be big news. And the feminists will finally have the cold hard sword of lady justice to fear!

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MRA Recording Attempted Entrapment

Eivind Berge a leading Male Sexualist and Men’s Rights Activist recently experienced attempted entrapment by a jealous old hag who pretended to be 18, then pretended to be 15, then pretended to be 16 and then pretended to be 15 again all in an attempt to get normal men jailed for their sexuality. In a world first move, Eivind has recorded the conversation and uploaded it on youtube essentially turning the encounter into a “reverse sting” operation.

Unfortunately, for my non-Norwegian readers, the video is in Norwegian.

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WordPress Begins Purging Politically Incorrect Content

A fellow Male Sexualist blogger, Robert Lindsay, who has been blogging for many years recently had his blog shut down. If you go to his site here it has been removed.

The only reason Robert Lindsay’s blog has been removed, and mine hasn’t, is because his blog is more popular. Eventually this blog will also be removed by WordPress.

Unfortunately even Open Source initiatives have now been taken over by Feminism. As I detailed in a previous blog post we probably need to move to a more decentralised internet. I discussed several options there.

A couple of additional options that might be hard or impossible for non-government agents to censor now would be:

1. Hosting an onion website over Tor. This could be either done on a web host or from home. No one will be able to figure out where the website is hosted and so your web host will never be told that they are hosting politically incorrect content. As such they won’t take down your site. The downside is you will get limited reach as users need to download the Tor browser to access onion sites.

2. Nathan Larson was looking into using which is an ISP that guarantees free speech. It seems like they might still be an option, but he might know more…

Probably for someone who wants to get immediate visibility again now then either using PRQ.SE (or possibly another free speech focused host), SteemIt or D.Tube (see my decentralised internet post) are your only options. I fear SteemIt or D.Tube may start applying filters on their main sites, but it’s also possible they won’t. Who knows?

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