OMG how morally bankrupt can the BBC be?

They now want to change the law so Cliff couldn’t have prosecuted them when they shoved their TV camera in his home and demonised him on every TV screen in the country. They are claiming this is “free speech” and they want to guarantee it. This is, by the way, the same BBC who are endlessly harping on about male internet trolls and celebrating when they are jailed. A bunch of ideological feminazi hypocrites. The BBC have done far more actual harm to Cliff Richard through their “free speech” than any angry disadvantaged white male can do to these extremely wealthy, powerful and privileged white feminist women.

Please chaps, don’t pay your license fee. Please, just don’t!

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Black Pilled Review of Falling Down

Good black pilled video review of the film falling down which is a 1993 movie about a man who gets kicked out by his ex-wife and she takes custody of his child. Though some parts of it do portray the truth about white male frustration, the reviewer argues that in reality it is a Hollywood propaganda movies designed to promote the idea that it is impossible to defeat feminism and that the feminists are good and will always win.

You’ll also note that everyone is moving off youtube and onto bitchute, etc


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Count Dankula Suggests Incels Should Kill Themselves

Count Dankula, who has previously advocated murdering paedophiles, is now proposing that incels should kill themselves:

It’s interesting that the same people who want paedophiles dead also want incels dead, isn’t it?

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Oh Fuck

Nathan Larson is planning something stupid. Sounds like he is killing himself through dehydration… Partly as a result of being burgled by feminist thugs claiming to be from Anonymous.

Personally I think suicide is a bad idea since you will be dead eventually anyway, so while alive, even if you can’t be happy, you might as well try to make life as awful as possible for your enemies e.g. feminists.

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Elon Musk calls British diver who saved Thai boys a ‘pedo’

Thanks to one of my readers for pointing out that Elon Musk is calling the British diver who saved the Thai boys a ‘pedo’. It seems the mainstream media are touting this as ‘libel’. Apparently a lawyer is also claiming the diver, Vernon Unsworth, is bound to win if he took it to court. Personally I don’t see how he can be so sure. For one, there’s no real definition of a ‘pedo’ so how can he prove that he isn’t one? And even if we try to take some sort of more specific definition of a ‘pedo’, for instance, “can get a hard-on when looking at extremely hot girls under the age of 18”, then I strongly suspect that Vernon would get a hard-on unless he is gay or asexual.

Mind you, I don’t really know the libel laws that well. It’s entirely possible that they are along the lines of ‘if you have enough money to take someone to court, you win’. Which only really proves how retarded our legal system is.

Whatever the case may be though, I think this news is good news. It’s forced the MSM to portray calling people paedophiles in a bad light, with the threat of criminal sanction for doing it. Whatever the outcome, hopefully the next time you tell someone that you think the age of consent should be abolished then they’ll be that bit less likely to call you a ‘pedo’ for fear of repercussions.

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We Support Gary Glitter!

This is a great podcast on fans of Gary Glitter who are still devoted to him. Many of them, like me, believe he probably was guilty of downloading child porn, but that many of the other allegations made against him were probably been false. Some of them did (kind of) point out the hypocrisy that banging underage girls in the 1970s was kind of normal, but fell short of pointing out that it is perfectly OK.

Obviously, my position is that Gary Glitter’s crimes were perfectly fine. There is nothing wrong with viewing child porn, and nor is there anything wrong with having sex with girls below the age of consent.

This podcast suddenly makes me think though… Maybe to get attention we should create a Gary Glitter fan site? (psst Tom Grauer!). Unlike this site our fan site would be both pro Gary Glitter’s music and pro his crimes. We’d support him for downloading child porn and support him for his underage groupies.


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Patreon Censorship

Patreon has started censoring pro-paedophile activists with both Amos Yee’s patreon page being taken down and Youth Liberation’s. I’m not sure if either of them even realise it yet as Amos Yee doesn’t mention it, I’m guessing it only just happened.

I think this could be a major problem as it stops the financing of pro-paedophile activism. However, both of them could resort to requesting money via Bitcoin, though it wouldn’t have the consistency of Patreon (as that is monthly income) and it is more work to convert back into fiat.

I think we will all need to move to Tor or Zeronet and Crypto. Those are all basically impossible for corporations to censor. Even governments have difficulty (though they can try). In other news, the new incelsandmalesexualists forum that was setup was very quickly taken down by the ISP. The pieces of shit at Cloudflare thought it prudent to go so far as to inform the ISP that they should take it down!



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