MAP Biology – The Science Behind Why Normal Men Are Attracted to Underage Girls

One reader of my blog who has done a lot of thinking and research into the biological basis for male attraction to underage girls over the last decade has recently created his own blog (or is it more a scientific paper?) on the subject here:

It’s well worth a read and covers some ground that readers of this blog might not be aware of.

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Chris Brand – who coined the term paedophile hysteria – has sadly died

Sadly I found out today that Chris Brand – the guy who coined the term “paedophile hysteria” and was sacked from Edinburgh University for his views way back in 1997 – has died. The Anti-Feminist writes a better obituary on his life than I could.

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Feminism causes woman to kill a man

A woman has recently been jailed on manslaughter charges for pushing a man under a Manchester tram and hence killing him. The woman already had 65 criminal convictions, including for violent offences. Yes, that’s, SIXTY FIVE. If I had just one conviction for a bum touching offence I’m fully aware that I could be looking at a life sentence, but a woman can rack up 65 convictions and still be free! WTF.

Anyway, the most revealing part of the whole saga is this comment she made:

He should not have put his finger in my face. All my life I have had to put up with men putting their hands around me.

So there we have it. Her feminist sickness drove her to commit murder.

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Sexual Harassment Insanity Reaches Heart of Westminster

Feminism has gone so bonkers that they are now trying to “crack down on sexual harassment” committed by MPs! There seems to be some kind of insane feminist instigated witch hunt going on in the heart of the British parliament. One of the MPs, Andrea Leadsom, who seems to be enthusiastically leading the witch hunt today is a vile feminist whore who I once reported on saying that men should not be nannies because they maybe paedophiles.

You’d think that with this insanity now hitting parliament our law makers might start to realise that they’ve taken this too far. That they need to start saying no. But alas not, it seems that lots of other MPs are jumping on the hunt down sexual harassers in parliament bandwagon, though perhaps mostly women. It will remain to be seen if some male MPs finally wake up and realise that they need to stand up to the feminazi scum less they too be placed on the Sex Offender Register. Not that I’d have much sympathy for most of them being placed on the Sex Offender Register as they are the ones responsible for creating it!

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Sticky: New Site Name

(Sticky: keeping this post at the top – see below for new posts)

So, as I mentioned quite some time ago, this site name sucks a bit so I might consider changing it. Partly from the discussions in the aforementioned thread I’ve come up with a few options that I like:

Please vote 🙂 Also other suggestions welcome!

[RESULTS] Most people voted for leaving the site name as is so maybe it is not as poor as I thought. But, in 2nd place is sexisnotrape and teensareadults so if I were to change it I guess it would be one of those. I’ll leave the poll and comments open though so if you still disagree then vote or comment 🙂

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More police officers per head now than fifty years ago

Figures just out show that there are now more police officers per head than fifty years ago. The number of police officers per head has nearly doubled and yet despite this the police call for ever more resources. This is the reason why you have no freedom today – the police are to blame!

You are presumably now twice as likely to be “watched” or “arrested” etc by the police than in the 1960s. There are now far more actively pursued victimless crimes on the statutes than in the 1960s (hence the artificially inflated – or meaningless if you like – crime statistics). In the 1960s banging a 14 year old girl would not get you arrested, nor would smoking weed, nor would possessing 2000 videos of child porn nor would putting your arms around an attractive woman nor would calling a feminist woman a “filthy disgusting feminist whore” need I go on?

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Julian Assange attacks ‘male feminists’

Great tweet by Julian Assange who, as a victim of feminist rape laws, is no friend of the feminists:

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